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Top 10 Weekend Getaways Ideas For Families In The U.S.

The thing about spending time with your family is that it can sometimes be difficult to find a middle ground between doing the same old thing at home or planning an elaborate vacation to make lasting memories. If that’s the case, a weekend getaway is a great solution to the problem. Here are ten of the best weekend getaways in the United States.It is much easier to plan a short weekend trip than a full-fledged vacation (and, to be honest, it is much more affordable as well). The good news is that there are plenty of weekends getaway options that you and your family can try out, no matter where you live. Your trip won’t even have to be far away; many of them could be just a short drive away from your home. 

We have compiled a list of ten best weekend getaways for families that you should not miss.

Weekend Getaways Ideas For Families In The U.S.

  1. Take A Camping Trip

Take a weekend trip to the mountains to experience the beauty of nature and get out of the house. If you are interested in buying (or renting) a tent and sleeping bag and heading to a popular campsite, then that’s certainly an option, but there are so many camping trips you can take these days that offer something for everyone. 

For example, the Pigeon Forge has become a tourist hot spot these days, with its natural splendor, dinner shows, hiking trails, and a plethora of entertainment options. On top of that, you’ll find many affordable places to stay in Pigeon Forge that are right next to the main attractions. If you’d like a more luxurious camping experience, you can enjoy the cabins here. Surrounded by nature, these accommodations come with amenities like hot tubs, game rooms, and a fully equipped kitchenette. There’s a vast outdoor area where you can make a bonfire with family and enjoy S’mores and horror stories. Whether you decide to stay here for a week or a couple of days, there will be plenty of activities to keep you entertained.

Some other possibilities for camping include RV campsites or heading out in your SUV if you prefer a mix of sleeping outdoors while having a solid shelter. 

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  1. Don’t Be Shy About Adventures

Most people think of camping when they think of outdoorsy vacations, but there are many other options. Think about taking your family on an “adventure vacation” so they can try something new together – you will create great memories by going out of your comfort zone together on such a journey!

A great adventure vacation idea includes multi-sport trips, where you participate in various activities, such as hiking, kayaking, biking, and other outdoor activities, all at the same time. Families who live within driving distance of The Great Smoky National Park have the opportunity to take part in river rafting, hiking the snow-capped mountains, and exploring some of the most scenic landscapes in the country.

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  1. Find An Amusement Park Near You

Plan a trip to your local theme park to enjoy fun rides and eat delicious treats while getting your thrills on. If you live within a few hours of Northern California, you might consider making a weekend trip there to take your family to one (or two) of the many amusement parks available in the area. Some of the most popular destinations in the area are Dollywood, Dollywood’s Splash Country, The Island in Pigeon Forge, Rocky Top Mountain Coaster, Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride, and Outdoor Gravity Park, The Track, and more. Since California has a pleasant climate throughout the year, you can plan a trip to these parks at any time. If you are planning a weekend getaway during the “off-season” (non-summer and non-holiday), you may be able to get a better deal on tickets.

  1. Take A Trip To The Beach

You can’t ever go wrong with a classic weekend getaway at a sunny beach for the whole family! Looking for a beach house, pack up the essentials, and head to your nearest ocean getaway as soon as possible. Do you want to spice up your beach weekend by adding a little bit of excitement? It is a good idea to plan a fun new activity for the trip, like snorkeling or a boat tour, so everyone in the family can have fun.

  1. Try Lake Life Out If You Haven’t Done So Far

If you can’t get to the ocean for a weekend trip, find a local lake instead. Taking a trip to the lake is similar to going to the beach in terms of relaxation but in a completely different and interesting environment. For families looking for a great place to go on a lake trip within the United States, we recommend visiting the following lakes:

  • Pigeon Forge’s Douglas Lake
  • Georgia’s Lake Lanier
  • New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee
  • California, South Lake Tahoe
  • Montana’s Flathead Lake
  • Alaska’s Lake Eklutna

Many of these lakes are great for boating, fishing, and swimming. You can even enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, and canoeing, visiting some of these lakes.

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  1. Make Your Way To The Mountains

When listing the best weekend getaways for families, it’s unfair not to include a trip to the mountains. Besides enjoying the scenic backdrops, you can also take part in snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. 

Did you know there are a number of benefits to health from doing athletic activities such as skiing and snowboarding? In addition to keeping healthy and in shape, these activities have a number of psychological and mental health benefits. There is no better way to bring your family together than to take a ski trip in the late fall or winter season.

  1. A Staycation May Be Right For You

If you want to explore a place close to home instead of packing up the family, worrying about gas prices, and remembering to service your car every now and then, consider staying local and exploring a spot nearby. Do you have a favorite hotel that you admire every time you drive by it? As a visitor, you can take a different perspective on your local “hood” by seeing it from a different angle.

  1. Take A Break At An All-Inclusive Resort Or Lodge

For weekend getaways, vacation lodges and resorts are another family favorite, especially for those with young children. Almost 20 different places to stay can be found throughout North America, making it highly popular. Typically, these types of weekend getaways are more expensive, but they’re also more convenient. 

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  1. Get To Know Some History

It doesn’t have to be all fun and sunny when you go on a weekend getaway. Experience a historically-rooted weekend trip while merging both learning and pleasure. Almost every state has a historical site or attraction nearby, so this weekend trip idea is accessible to everyone! Ideally, if you live along the east coast, you should visit Boston, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C. These states have some of the best historical and educational sights that you and your family can explore together during your stay.

  1. Take The Time To Know The Culture

The weekend getaways that focus on culture are a great option for families with teenagers. It may be a good idea to visit New York City and catch some family-friendly shows on Broadway while you’re there. As an alternative, you could also plan a road trip to a museum, visit an outdoor movie theater, or spend the weekend at home by watching a movie marathon on your couch. The possibilities to have fun are endless


Family trips are fun and essential to bond. When you have fun together, you learn and connect in a way you can’t do at home. Parents need not worry about spending a fortune on trips every year; you can find simple pleasures in any situation. Whether it’s planning a camping trip, hiking in the mountains, visiting a nearby beach or lake, or enjoying your history, what really matters is the time you spend together and the moments you share.

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