Weekend Bags for Women – Eco Friendly and Unique – How to Find One

weekend bag for women

You know what has been on my bucket list for at least ten years? A stylish weekend bag.

I know, it seems silly to have something like this on a want list for over a decade. But any mama with small kids knows it’s not that easy to get one until they are out of diapers, stop with the bottles and other non-stop kiddie needs that make having a fashionable bag more of a luxury than a necessity.

Now that my kids are old enough, it was time to have some serious fun looking for one. Since we live in Guatemala my search was limited to strictly online. But then again, it was also almost limitless.

How to Find Weekend Bags for Women

Before I started the search, because if you simply put in the words ‘Weekend Bags for Women’ you will literally get thousands upon thousands, I had to become more strategic with the search.

I had certain criteria for the type of bag I wanted:

1. Eco Friendly

2. Doctor’s inspired styled bag

3. Vegan bag – if possible

4. Affordable

5. Female owned business (preferably a mompreneur)

This automatically narrowed my scope and search to a doable number. And that’s when the fun began. Interestingly enough, to get all these ingredients to line up, really brought the amount of vendors to less than a handful.

That’s how I found Linda Wong and Canopy Verde . 

Me and Linda connected instantly, that’s why I love working with other mom based businesses. Her styles are different than what I’ve seen with the other e-stores.

Interestingly enough, she was the one that recommended to me the bag I ended up with:

Cassia Weekender Bag

Weekend Bags for Women

Putting my Weekend Bag to the Test

My husband and I had our bi-yearly getaway. We do this every time we stay with my parents in the US.

This year, the chosen spot was a two-night stay in Philadelphia.

After preparing the bag, I nicknamed it the ‘Mary Poppins’ bag. I don’t have much experience with doctor styled bags as far as how much space they have, but I can say that it felt more like the bag Mary Poppins had. You can fill it up with stuff and there still is plenty of room for more.

packing up the Weekend Bags for Women

Not only did I pack up for going out, work out clothes and travel stuff. I also had space for my toiletries, chargers, and electronics.

And it was so comfortable to carry and light, even fully stuffed for a three day trip.

Perfect Carry-On Size, As Well

What I really wanted, in truth, was a fun carry-on. Not the typical ones that have wheels for rolling. But something that looks like an oversized hand bag, yet can fit all my stuff in it perfectly and fit under my seat in the airplane.

And once again, it passed the test perfectly.

carry-on for women

This is now my absolute favorite bag. And so worth the wait!

Whenever we go on day trips, I’m packing it up and finding as many excuses to take it with me, just to have it along.

You can also find a ton more designs on her Etsy Shop site as well.

Last Updated on June 15, 2024

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