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Wedding Ideas – Make your Wedding Day Not Just Special but Unique

Your wedding comes once and thus need your full commitment to make it worth-remembering with not only the special but a unique appeal. What makes the wedding unique? You ask! There are plenty of things that can actually make the wedding to stand from the rest and leave masses talking about it. From the wedding settings to the food, from the entertainment to the unique venue chosen, all these are crowd pleases. Five favorite tips on how to make your wedding day not just special but unique too. Take a look at my wedding ideas.

wedding ideas

Happiness is in your hands. So, show the world what you are capable of, which is a wow wedding celebration. It doesn’t need to be extravagant to an extent if breaking your bank balance. A well-budgeted wedding may even match in quality to an extravagant one that is not well-planned. We will give you some ideas below on how to make your wedding unique.

Unique Wedding Ideas

Secure a unique venue
Everything you select should have that sense of uniqueness. The venue should reflect the wedding uniqueness and should also have breathtakingly exquisite exterior and interior designs to go with the wedding’s theme. From the floors to the walls to the entire decorations, the venue should have that edge of uniqueness. Visit Factory51 for choosing your wedding venue that help you live your dream in Brisbane.

Factory 51 in Brisbane is renowned as a multi-event-hosting company that caters for unique birthdays and weddings. Its industrial chic Function Room has been home to a wide range of wedding functions for many years. Moreover, the company has a dedicated team of multi-disciplined professionals attributed with the stellar event settings offered to their clientele. Furthermore, the company helps you in planning the wedding. Please note that a maximum number of 156 guests are allowed. There’s more on offer with the culinary experience and the unbeatable and fun wedding reception.

Prepare a guest list and seating arrangements
You don’t want an awkward moment where strangers are seated close-by without anyone initiating conversations. Now that you have secured the venue, prepare the guest list and the seating arrangements. The guests should also feel the uniqueness of your wedding.

Plan for the kids
Quite often, kids’ entertainment is overlooked in many wedding arrangements, so they end up restricting the freedom of their parents. Keep the little ones entertained too. Perhaps assign one person to cater for the kids while their moms have ample time to themselves. That will be enticing to the parents, and they will continue praising your wedding. Factory 51 can make provisions for you to help in preparing meals for the young ones too as well as their entertainment.

Provide an interactive food station(s)
Having a buffet like food station can also make your wedding unique and worth-remembering. People love customizing their meals rather than having to select some deserts mixed in one plate. That will be a waste to you. No great celebration without a good taste. So make plan for customized food stations. As you offer different dishes throughout the day, entice your guests with surprise desserts.

Factor in surprise entertainment
Guests would love the unexpected entertainment that will catch all their attention. You can factor in the magician, aerialists or a dancer to entertain the guests preferably during the cocktail session.

While we’re still on the subject of entertainment, consider organizing a live musical band or the DJ to deliver an outstanding performance (you can check out this post to learn about wedding band costs in 2022 to see if you have room in your budget for this). Select your DJ or band carefully to avoid your guests yawning due to boredom, or not connecting with the style of music that the band plays. Check out any reviews you can of potential performers you are considering to see what others who have hired them thought of their services. Music is at the heart of entertainment, so make sure to select songs that everyone can dance to. It’s not necessarily about your repertoire or personal taste, but what will keep your guests happy and willing to let their hair down and enjoy being part of your unique wedding day.

Find the wedding coordinator
You may plan for the perfect wedding but then you will not be coordinating it. Instead, find a perfect day coordinator who can also make sure that the wedding goes as perfect as you’ve envisioned. This should be the person you’ve teamed with from the wedding planning process.

Organize the end-of-the-night retreat for your guests as well as the last-minute dinner. There’s more to do to make your wedding special and unique. The major thing is the venue to hire. A professional wedding venue can play a significant part in making the wedding wow.

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