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Wearing Scarves, No Matter where in the World you Are

Traveling doesn’t mean that you can’t look good. It is true that carrying along a lot of clothes or fancy garments is not the best idea. That is because you will be exploring new places and always on the move. So it is important to be comfortable, not having tons of huge bags to carry around and still look good.

A great way of achieving a more put together look is by wearing a scarf. They are small, don’t have a lot of weight, are comfortable and make you look like you spent more time getting ready.

You might be thinking, scarves are great for colder weathers, but what if I’m in the tropics? Well fortunately there are many kinds of scarves, made out of many different materials. So you can pick a light weight one, with fun bright colors and it can even help your skin stay protected from the intense sun rays of hotter climates.

SAMANTHA- Scrolling Infinity Scarf Gold Shimmer

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There are tons of ways of wearing a scarf depending on the climate and the occasion:

1. For a simple and elegant look you can take a scarf made of a light and flowy material and put it on your neck, making it look like a turtle neck from the front and letting the ends hang on your back.

2. If you are looking for something more casual, but still fresh, there are tons of kinds of knots you can create. A simple method is to put the scarf on your neck, letting the ends hang in the front, then take the ends and create a small, regular knot at the level you prefer.

3. If on the other hand you are on the beach you can try making it a cute dress to wear over your bathing suit. Use a large but flowy scarf for this. They take less space than a dress and you will still look great while being fresh and comfortable.

4. Since scarves are a classic for cold weathers, there is not much explaining to be done. Just create your favorite knot, making sure you protect your neck from the wind. The options are endless.

There are many other fun things you can do with a scarf; you can even turn it into a hood to cover your head, make bows, you can even use belts to style it and make it stay in place or do a hand bag.

A good advice for travelers is to take a few pieces of clothes with plain colors, like black, brown, white or even dark blue. That is because almost everywhere you go you will find colorful, handcrafted, traditional scarves of all sorts of fabrics and shapes. So, plain clothes make it easier to style a beautiful scarf with all sorts of crazy colors.

As you can see, scarves can be used anywhere you go, and will make a simple and comfortable outfit a lot better. All you have to do is, to get creative. Plus, they take almost no space in our suit

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