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Ways I will Spend Money on Traveling if I Win the Lottery

If I win a lottery, I would, of course, like to splurge the money on my family. After all, I have a larger family, and we are a bunch of close friends. I think a better way would be to plan a great holiday and go to exotic locations. The time spent together is sure to create lifelong memories and strengthen the bond among us. I believe in lotteries and am sure that someday I will get lucky. This is what makes me a regular lottery buyer, but I buy only from reputed places.What would you do if you win the lottery? Would you leave everything to go traveling? I would!Here is how to spend money on traveling.

Spend Money on Traveling

I have always wanted to travel as I feel that to travel is a beautiful thing. Traveling is never a bore as you come across people and places that you never even knew existed. I would not mind spending all my money on offering my family the valuable perspective of traveling that teaches one gratitude and appreciation. I am passionate about traveling, and so is my family. Even with all our money spent, we would feel a lot richer, because of the experience and learning.

Spend Money on Traveling

I would like to splurge the lottery money on a luxury holiday that is affordable. After all, it makes sense to enjoy the high life for less, and there are plenty of competitive offering for an exotic beach vacation, or a weekend in an expensive luxury resort. The luxury holiday is more about the experience plus the destination. The experience would make every day a special day at a luxury hotel. My family would love sending tie within a stunning décor, enjoying a private terrace and spa, and of course great outings, loads of shopping and excellent food.

I already have a list of luxurious destinations that I would like to explore. Crete, with picturesque scenery and luxury hotels, top the list as it is an affordable holiday destination but tops in luxury. As my family is fond of nature and wild animals, perhaps we could go to Cape Town, South Africa and enjoy a safari getaway. I have always been interested in Portugal and would love to explore Lisbon and its incredible restaurants. I have heard that Maldives has become the epitome of luxury travel, but I won’t mind, with my lottery money.

London, with its Royal Family and Buckingham Palace, has always fascinated us. I am sure there is a lot to do and see in the great city and will arrange for a real luxury holiday for my family. Rome is another destination that is close to my heart, and it would be fun to explore its art, history, and architecture with my whole family. I think I would plan a longer holiday in Rome as there is an endless number of museums and a large number of World Heritage sites. Moreover, this is my chance to enjoy their tasty foods and beverages and wines.

Some other cities that are on my list of travel are Paris, New York, and Hawaii. I would plan my holiday carefully and go for everything those popular destinations have to offer. With its diverse natural scenery, so many activities to choose from and great weather, I am sure that our travel experiences will be my money’s worth!

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