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11 Ways to Travel with the Budget of a College Student

You’re young and broken. Don’t worry, we get it. College is full of meals with noodles along with student loans and trying to find every free meal available on campus. But what people often forget is that it’s also full of the wonders of the moment (not in the semester, however). From summer break and long weekend getaways, do not waste your precious time watching Netflix while you may be experiencing something you’ve never imagined you’d experience. Here are some ideas to dispel the myth that travel is just for the wealthy and famous.

Digital nomad keeping his belongings in the backpack
Digital nomad keeping his belongings in the backpack

1. Set up an account to save money

It’s not as complicated as it seems it is, most college students have just one bank account that they can access: their checking account. 

The process of transferring money from savings accounts to checking accounts is a minimal amount of effort but it’s enough to let students avoid the headache. This will allow you to save instead of spending money on unnecessary things. More money saved = less time!

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2. Check Groupon

Yes, Groupon. Contrary to what is commonly believed about this “Getaways” section, if you do research, you’ll never be fooled! Although you might think that the discounts seem too appealing to be real, some getaways are only available on off-seasons and ordered in bulk, resulting in a cheaper price for us avid travelers.

3. Traveling with a friend

Although traveling on your own is something we’d like to write about, we are on limited funds here! For solo travelers, it is a good option. However, apart from that, the majority of travel deals are based on the concept of double occupancy. 

If you’re willing to pay an additional fee for solo travelers to stay in the same rooms, and attractions, the list goes on… Do it. If not, make sure you have an additional companion. Along with all the saving staff, it is worth trying travel hacking, which will help you travel beneficially. It can start with using an English essay writing service to help you with homework to have free weekends for traveling and up to group travel to share expenses and waste less on a trip.

4. Get lost in a foreign metro system

It’s a good idea to be aware that traveling through a foreign metro system in another country will lead to confusion, a loss of direction, or even panic in which no one else can tell what the words you’re using refer to… The good news is that, do not worry, it’s part of the adventure. Once you’ve taken the metro once or twice, you’ll be fine and will be where you’re supposed to be at only a tiny fraction of the price you’d have paid for taxis or car services.

5. Set a realistic budget for the day and stick to it

This is something you should do regardless of whether you’re traveling or not. If, for instance, you are planning to travel to Europe make a plan that is 50 Euros per day. This might sound like a lot, however, it’s manageable when you have breakfast at your hotel and transportation covered. If you are spending 60 euros in one day, you only have to pay 40 euros the following day.

6. Forget checking bags

The burden of carrying huge suitcases isn’t just an inconvenience, it can also cost you an additional charge for each flight. If you’re planning a trip that involves more than one flight, be sure to make sure to check ahead of time the cost of a single checked bag before arriving at the terminal. If you limit yourself to one carry-on bag, it can help you avoid spending money on unnecessary items, as they’ll not fit in your luggage!

7. Street vendors

In tourist hot spots in the city, street vendors are swarming the streets. If you’re getting close to the limit of your budget for the day, purchasing food from vendors on the streets is a fantastic option. When deciding which street vendor to purchase from, you keep track of those with long lines. This will guarantee that you get a decent value for your money and also the food served hasn’t been on the cart for a long time.

8. Buy tickets for popular attractions before the time you leave for your trip

This might seem like an obvious decision to the majority of travelers, however, when traveling to the most popular destinations, many of the attractions may have lines for tickets that last anywhere between 30 minutes to three hours. 

The purchase of all major attraction tickets before boarding your plane allows you to avoid the lines. A lot of attractions offer times that you can purchase tickets to use to control crowds. This is why it is recommended that if you’re planning to visit Paris for two weeks (or some other place that is highly famous) purchase tickets to the Eiffel Tower tickets ahead of time so that you aren’t left out!

9. You can travel with someone else who shares the same goals as you do

This is among the most important aspects when traveling on a budget. If you don’t establish your travel plans with someone else to make sure you’re on the same plan, disaster could occur in the course of your trip. Apart from safety considerations, talking about your spending habits as well as your preferred transport methods (metro and bus, etc.) can save you from any potential issues later.

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10. Keep in touch with friends and family members

If you’re friends with an acquaintance or know someone who lives in the area you’ve always wanted to visit, talk to them! Set up a trip with them, if they’ve got the time so that you will be able to see the region from the perspective of an individual who lives there. If you’re acquainted with anyone or know someone who’s not able to spend time with them, ask if they can offer them a place to stay in their house during your visit to the region (it’s an ideal win-win scenario).

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11. Keep an eye out for flash deals

Flash offers are offered through numerous agencies, websites, and other agencies. When you frequently fly with JetBlue it will put you on their list of email subscribers, meaning you will be notified whenever they have offers on flights for 24 hours (sometimes for only 30 dollars!). Like we said before, Groupon is filled with (longer-lasting) flash sales. It’s not necessary to be a millionaire to travel around the world! These money-saving strategies will get you out of Rochester or perhaps to a different nation! Check them out!

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