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5 Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Leaving your home unattended can leave you feeling uneasy and stressed.  No matter how long you plan on vacationing this summer, you’ll need to take a few steps to assure the safety of your home while you’re away. How you can set up everything in your home, so it stays safe while you travel. Learn all about protecting your home while on vacation

Prepare Your Home for Vacancy

Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

The hustle and bustle of vacation preparations can cause chaos if you’re not fully prepared.  Take a few helpful tips into account as you prepare your home for your next adventurous absence.  Here are some quick steps to take towards keeping your home safe while you’re away.

In case of an extended absence

If you’re leaving your home for an extended amount of time, you may want to consider storing your most valuable materials. Temperature-controlled storage facilities will keep your valuables under lock and key, so you can enjoy your adventure carefreely.

If storage isn’t something you find necessary, invest in protective furniture coverings.  Covering valuables and furniture will not only protect their integrity, but it will keep any peepers from seeing a possible bounty.

Tidy up against foul odors

You don’t want to return home to a funky-smelling living space.  Make sure you take out all the trash before leaving, and empty the refrigerator of anything that could spoil.  Old food and waste will leave a terrible welcome home present if not properly attended to before leaving.

It won’t hurt to go ahead and clean the rest of the house before you leave as well.  Old, dirty clothing can get pretty terrible if left to stew in their soiling while you’re away.  Vacuum the carpets as well to freshen up and dispose of excess dust.

Only let the right people know

You should be careful when choosing who to inform of your plans to leave home.  Posting your plans all over social media is a terrible way to leave things.  There’s no telling who could see your plans and have other, more sinister plans in the workings.

Inform a trusted neighbor, so they can keep an eye on your house while you’re gone.  Let your security company know of your intended plans, and consider having a trusted family member come by the home periodically to check for safety.

Stop the mail and newspapers from coming

Stop the mail and newspapers from piling up while you’re away.  A driveway full of newspapers and a stuffed full mailbox are sure signs of a great target for thieves.  Unsecured mail can also place sensitive identity information in harm’s way.

Use timed lighting and a security system

If possible, use timed lighting to boost the appearance of someone being home.  A house that remains pitch black day and night is also a clear sign of targeting thieves.

Also, let your security company know that you plan to be absent from the home for a while.  They will keep an eye out for any unusual activity, and watch over your home while you’re away.

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