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Ways to Pick the Perfect Travel Luggage – Travel Advice

Imagine rushing to catch the morning 6’o clock train lugging a heavy suitcase or struggling to fit your carry-on bag on the overhead luggage bin! These are situations that went horribly wrong and some of us might have experienced these on our travels. Therefore, choosing the right luggage is extremely important to avoid the hassles and the inconveniences. Here’s how to choose the right piece of luggage depending on your travel plans.Tips for choosing the perfect suitcase for your next trip.Learn all about my top right piece of perfect luggage depending on travel plans.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Travel Luggage

Which luggage fits your journey plans?
These days most luggage pieces come with wheels offering huge convenience to the traveler. However, you might have experienced stiff wheels that’s harder to drag and can easily get stuck on uneven surfaces. So, if you are looking for the flexibility that you expect from a wheel, look for wheels that can rotate 360 degrees and thus offer easy movement. Also, when selecting your luggage, look for ones that come with sturdy, retractable handles.

If you are planning to go on a hike, it makes no sense to carry a heavy bag along. The weight would be a dampener to your plans. The backpacks that come with back straps are ideally suited for such trips. Depending on whether you are going on a day hike or plan to camp on a multi-day trek, or you have other plans for outdoor activities, choose a backpack that could fit in your luggage pieces, has adequate straps, and has separate pockets for things that you need to be readily accessible, whenever you need them.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Travel Luggage

However, if your plan is to travel to one or two destinations and you will be staying mostly at one place only, especially cities, then you could probably plan for a suitcase. Do you choose a hard-sided one or a soft mold? Soft bags are slightly expandable and thus could offer the flexibility of accommodating more things if you plan to buy souvenirs and other things at your destination. Whereas, if you need to pack inexpensive equipment like an expensive camera, it would be sensible to go for a hard-sided one to offer adequate protection to your instrument.

Keep these essentials in mind
Always be aware of the permissible luggage limits on your airline. To be safe and to comply with most regulations, it is best to adhere to sizes no larger than 45 inches (all inclusive, that is length plus width plus height) for carry-on bags and no more than 62 inches for the ones that you plan to check-in. Also, bear in mind that your carry-on bag should easily fit in the overhead bin. Also, go in for brighter colors for your luggage as it helps you identify yours at the baggage carousel. If you didn’t have a choice and had to go in for a standard black piece, then you could put on some large markers that help you identify your baggage easily.

Most importantly, choose something that you feel comfortable with. Test your luggage multiple times to be doubly sure that the handle wouldn’t come off, that the surface offers sufficient protection, or that you have the water-proof cover that would ensure that an accidental water spill-off wouldn’t affect other pieces of your luggage. Also, there are websites that gives reviews so you can find the perfect luggage that suits you, you can check one here. Make sure you have adequate space for all things you plan to carry and plan your packing order properly. The umbrella shouldn’t be tucked away right at the bottom when you are expecting rains!

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