Watervault Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Getting my oldest son to drink water is easy. Getting him to carry a bottle around with him that he likes and isn’t harming the environment is a huge challenge. We decided if we look for a cool bottle and one that is eco friendly, he will be responsible for it and have it on him whenever we go out and also for school. That’s why I decided to do a review about the stainless steel watervault bottle!

I’m a simple person, I prefer when the sites don’t overpower you with tons of useless products that are hard to understand. So when I stumbled onto WaterVault, this was the one I wanted to show my son. He’s usually an easy sale, so it was quick and easy. I also told him he can put it into his bike bottle holder, which help push him along. But most importantly all. He actually loves it and has been using it every day for school, as well.

WaterVault is a company dedicated to only one product that carries the same name. It is an environmentally safe 24 oz. a stainless steel water bottle that fits more bike cages and cup holders.

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Fun Facts About the WaterVault Bottle and its Health and Environemt Benefits

Always having a water bottle with you can be beneficial. It reminds you to ingest the right amount of water daily. This provides a lot of health benefits such as:

  • Helps flush pollutants from your kidneys and bloodstream
  • Supports your electrolyte balance
  • Keeps your skin looking young
  • Reduce muscle cramping and spasms caused by dehydration

The charm behind stainless steel bottles is that it will not transfer harmful chemicals into the water and into your body. Plus, a bottle that can be reused for years reduces significantly the amount of plastic bottles that harm the environment. Just one person using a stainless steel water bottle can replace many thousands of plastic bottles over the course of years and lifetime.

The Earth Institute at Columbia University conducted a study and found that only about 7% -10% of the plastic bottles get recycled. The other 90% ends up in places they don’t belong.

Water Vault Bottle

Contact and Information for WaterVault

Since it is only one product, you can buy it either via their website or Amazon. I prefer the site since it gives really good description about what the product is all about and also the benefits it offers.

And if you have any extra questions check out their Facebook.

Watervault Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review


Last Updated on July 18, 2022

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  1. I hear these are great! Thanks for sharing! Water is great for everyone. 🙂

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