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Waterproof Hanging Toiletry Bag by Quzaf Bags

No matter how long you travel, there are always things that you can improve on. This time I was looking to upgrade my toiletry bag. See, the one I had was great, but it is getting a little too worn. When looking for travel gear I usually take a look at the most reliable and well-known brands but this time I found a newer one called Quzaf Bags a relatively new brand that was created with the aim to create innovative products that are also high-quality and that are done with the customer in mind. I decided to give a try to their waterproof hanging toiletry bag. But on their Facebook, they have a few different products that I would have loved to try when my sons were babies.

black waterproof hanging toiletry bag on a bed

Waterproof Hanging Toiletry Bag by Quzaf Bags

The number one thing that I look for in a toiletry bag is space and the ability to separate my stuff into categories. This Waterproof Toiletry Travel Bag claimed to do just that. It is compact when closed and almost 30 inches long when open. The bag also comes with four different compartments.

Another thing that caught my attention is that it also comes with two silicone travel bottles for any liquids you might need.

Lastly, it is made of a material that keeps water from ruining what you put in it and from any liquids that might spill from ruining the rest of your luggage.

It sounded pretty good to me, and due to its price, I decided to risk it and get it.

Hanging waterproof hanging toiletry bag

Specs of this bag

  • Waterproof Scratch-resistant material
  • Reinforced zipper
  • Ventilated pocket
  • Elastic loop pocket
  • Mesh pocket
  • Clear plastic pocket
  • Closed: 12.5 × 8.6 × 1.9 inch
  • Opened: 28.3 × 11.4
  • Heavy Duty Metal Hook
  • Adjustable Buckle with Elastic mesh

waterproof hanging toiletry bag

What I think About This Hanging Toiletry Travel Bag

The first thing that I noticed when I opened it is that the fabric feels high quality. Plus it is one of those toiletry bags that sit flat, so it won’t take up too much space.

I was one a bit of a rush so without giving it much thought I put all my toiletries in it and left the house. When I got to the hotel I took some more time to pay attention to how it performs and liked how everything fits. The hook that it comes with is sturdy so I just hung it and had no problem with taking up any counter space.

The bottles are made in a way that won’t allow leaks, so I was able to feel safe while carrying my lotion and conditioner.

Overall I had a good experience traveling with this toiletry bag and will keep using it on upcoming adventures. I love that it is a pretty standard bag but with tons of compartments, the strength of the fabric and the bottles are a nice touch.

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