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Hanz Waterproof Gloves and Socks – Review

OMG, where have these been all my life?

Imagine hiking where there are beautiful creeks to cross. And you’re on small stones and accidentally you slip in and your foot gets wet.

Man, you must be beside yourself because you have been hiking for the past two miles and you had plans to continue another two miles, but now your foot is soaked and so uncomfortable. And, basically, your mood is damped along with your sock.

Hanz waterproof socks

But, wait, there are completely 100% waterproof socks by Hanz! Honestly.

When I first got my pair , I was so skeptical. I mean, how can you fully soak your foot in a sock and not feel any wetness?

You can. I even put my entire foot, with sock on, under a running faucet, seeing it get soaked and felt nothing by comfy dryness inside.

Hanz Lightweight Waterproof Socks - Hanz Waterproof Gloves and Socks - Review

These waterproof socks are built with a three-layer seamless construction to ensure abrasion resistance, breathable, waterproof protection, and wicking comfort. Every sock is high-pressure leak-tested before leaving the factory.

Hanz waterproof gloves

But that’s not all Hanz is up to. They also have waterproof gloves. These are by far my favorite. They are warm. Not bulky so you can do anything you want even detailed things with them. And they are totally waterproof.

Even though I live in Guatemala, we do get cold days, but we also get rain. And sometimes it happens with no warning while I’m on my scooter and nothing is more annoying then wet hands while driving. They become cold and slippery.

I’ve learned to keep a pair of these gloves in my hatch and the minute it starts to rain they come out. They keep my hands totally dry and they have a non-slippery inner surface keeping my hands steady on the hand bars.

Hanz Waterproof Gloves and Socks - Review

HANZ® gloves provide protection and reliability due to their Seamless and stretchable design. They are also built with three-layer construction and a breathable MVT membrane to keep you dry.

More About Hanz USA

  • Founded by Cole Williams in 1970
  • HANZ began work on recreational products in 1990.
  • They introduced their first completely waterproof sock for the outdoor industry in 1993.
  • HANZ designs and manufactures all of their products in the U.S.A.

About Cole Williams: Founder

  • At the age of twelve Cole had already decided he wanted to be an inventor,
  • By the age of twenty Cole had applied for his first patent.
  • Cole began his professional career as an inventor developing award-winning, engine-powered model airplanes at the premier model manufacturer of Cox Thimble Drome.
  • He later left the toy industry to pursue his own interests.
  • After many years in the corporate world developing medical supplies, Cole decided to “go it alone” and founded Hanz Extremity Wear.
  • In the early 1990s Cole was approached by DuPont to develop a waterproof glove for the recreational industry.

Address: 1020 Hamilton Road, Duarte, California 91010
Phone: (800) 868-2629

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