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Best Water Bottles for Bikes – Mountain Bike Racing – by Polisport

How long do most bike races last? Sometimes 3-4 hours if you’re riding on the slower side. But on average, if you’ve been competing often, it can take around 2-3 hours at most.

So what is one of the biggest problems bikers face during a competition?


This problem can actually be split into several compartments:

  1. They are always in need of water
  2. They can’t have too much water on them due to weight constraints – the more weight they have on them or on their bike, the slower their performance
  3. Cooling the water – who wants hot water when you’re sweating buckets?

Another great option my family love is the FuturePace tech water bottle, I have a full blog post about it, make sure you read it.

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water bottles for mountain bikes

Finding good water bottles for Mountain Bike Racing can get challenging.

Not all of them are truly thermal.

From our experience, the ones we’ve had in the past rarely last one hour in the sun. So by the time they are needed, it’s too hot. No competitions offer cooling places for the extra water bottles. If they do, you are paying a pretty penny for these competitions, and they should be providing water along the way too.

Or they aren’t for bikers. Or they are too bulky.

I have heard of Polisport before when visiting Europe last year, but haven’t been able to get them in the US, they are working on distribution there, but not just yet. However, visiting the UK gave me a great opportunity to get some bottles for my men’s races and training.

My husband, kids, and I have found a system that when they do their races, which usually have specific spots along the route, I can give them watervault bottles.

Normally these meet-up spots are within 1.5 hours or 2 hours into the race.

And since having our bottles delivered, we are so excited about how long they truly last.

Prepping for mtb race - Water Bottles for Biking - Water Bottles for Kids and Thermal Water Bottles by Polisport

The Alumna Thermal Bottle stays cool up to 4 hours.

The bottle is BPA free, you remove the inside part which is what the removable cap is fully attached to.

It’s got an ergonomic grip.

My Recommendations:

I recommend the thermal bottles more for quick training sessions since they are about one cup’s worth of water (500ml). Not fully enough for a whole training session.

However, they are perfect for races. You will need at least two. One to have on you when you start. The other one is halfway through the race. If not a third one as well.

Biking Water Bottles for Kids

Water Bottles for Biking - Mountain Bike Racing - water bottles for kids by Polisport

The Kids Bottles are truly adorable, coming in several different fun designs. You can get a clip-on strap or simply put it into the bike holder. They come with a soft push-pull tip an ergonomic grip to make it comfortable for little hands to hold.

Again, my recommendation for the Kids Bottles, mainly to use during a shorter training session. They hold about 350 mls of water, and if you have more than one at a time, it can add extra weight.

But, as with the thermal bottles for adults, they are great for racing. Kids can’t drink too much at one time, so this is the perfect amount for them.

You can find choices for the best mountain bike under $300.

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Polisport Information

Polisport was born of enthusiasm and the passion of cycling in northern Portugal during the late 70´s. Today they have four brands: Polisport Off-road, Polisport Bicycles, Headgy Helmets, Bobike.

It was in 1978 when the company began building parts for motorcycles, and it was these products that turned Polisport into an international brand. In 1988, they started producing bicycle accessories.

They must be doing a great job because they have received many awards including the Inmold Decoration Association Award in 2008 for Best Injection Mold Part with IPD and then again the next year.

In 2010 they were acknowledged as the Most Innovative Portuguese Company of the year.

Contact Information
Facebook: polisportbicycle
Twitter: @PolisportCycle
Instagram: @polisportbicycle

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