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Watching Sunsets – Why It’s an Adventure Every Time


Watching Sunsets – A Free Adventure That Surprises You Every Time

woman jumping in a dock on sunset

When it comes to making every day an adventure, the easiest thing to do is to celebrate the sunset. So it’s kind of funny because you wouldn’t think that that’s something to celebrate all the time, right?  Like New Year’s or birthdays. It kind of feels like it’s a special occasion.

Sunsets at the beach

When I was in my 20s, I lived in Pacific Beach, San Diego, and right on the beach, there was this bar, and every single night they celebrated the sunset. It was amazing.

And every night it was this incredible. It was like jubilation and a celebration for this beautiful thing, which is the sun setting. And it really is magical, especially over the ocean. It’s a magical experience, right? Especially sometimes.

There were moments when the sun touched the horizon, and it gave this flicker of green. I can’t really remember what the saying goes, but it was like saying with the rains and when the sun is super red, the next day it’s rain. I don’t remember. But every day the sunset was actually different and more beautiful. If there were clouds, then you would just see the reflection of the silver and redness of the clouds and the Orange.

sunset trees and buildings

Different places, different sunsets

Since then, everywhere I go, I love to watch different sunsets. When I lived in Colorado, we lived overlooking the mountains. And when the sun went behind the mountains and gave this bright redness, especially when it reflected off the snow, I mean, it was like this fire. It was just unbelievable.

And then when I got down to Central America and even South America, the sunsets were just more and more precious. And that’s something that I really enjoy and something we forget to do. Don’t get me wrong, there are moments when I want to celebrate the sunrise. But I’ll be honest with you, I’m too lazy to get up that early. So celebrating a sunset is really that spectacular.

Sunsets while driving

It’s even more incredible when you’re driving or where you’re at with your kids and you see it over the ages. Like when they’re tiny, you just talk about it. And then that moment when they say to you, oh Mama, look at the sun setting, you know that it’s a magical moment. And I remember that, especially with my kids. It was around three or four years old.

woman looking to the sunset near a shore


So when you have that moment, try to make every day an adventure and start with the easiest things that are right there for free in front of you and just go out when it’s time for the setting sun. And I can guarantee you it will be a celebration. So remember, if you enjoyed this episode, please review it and share it with your friends.

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