Want to Hunt at Night? Here’s How to Prepare

If you’re an experienced hunter who’s looking to add a new challenge to your repertoire, hunting at night can be a thrilling way to up the ante. But before you head out into the darkness, there are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare. From night vision to hunting safety, there are a lot of aspects to consider. Luckily, this post has got you covered and will discuss many of the most crucial things you need to know before going out hunting after dark.

Invest In The Right Gear

Hunting at night can be tricky, but there are some steps that can help make it easier., but the most important step is using the right equipment. This ranges from your rifle to your clothing and everything in between. Let’s look at what gear a successful night hunt requires.

Night Vision

When it comes to night hunting, the most obvious addition to your gear will be some form of night vision. However, you have two choices regarding night vision, a thermal clip-on device or a dedicated infra-red (IR) scope. Each has pros and cons, but both will enable you to see your prey in low light conditions, with thermal being the most effective for peering through thick brush. 


The clothing you wear for a night hunt depends on the conditions you’re hunting in. The most important thing to consider when choosing your outfit is the weather. If it’s cold, you’ll need to wear layers of clothing and pack a coat and gloves. If it’s hot, you’ll need to wear light clothes, so you don’t overheat. For night hunting, it is recommended that your clothes be dark in color to blend into the shadows. You should also wear sturdy boots or shoes to protect your feet from rocks or branches on the ground.


No matter how much of a mountain man you believe you are, night hunting is a different kettle of fish, and one of the most important things to bring on a night hunt is a GPS device. It will help you find your way back to your vehicle, and it will also help you find your way out of the woods if you become lost. Furthermore, the top models usually allow you to mark waypoints and even send out a distress signal if you become hopelessly lost or injured. 


The humble flashlight is often overlooked and usually tossed into the bottom of your pack when you head out. However, you should treat this device with more respect as it could not only save your life but will also help you navigate over tricky terrain. Nevertheless, you should opt for a flashlight that can cycle between red and white light. You’ll need a red light to keep your night vision intact, whereas the white light will be useful for finishing the hunt and carrying your prey back to your vehicle.

Make Safety A Priority

Several factors make night hunting different from day hunting, including the different types of animals that come out at night. Therefore, you need to take additional precautions to ensure that you and your party are safe.

Don’t Go Alone

While it might be tempting to head out alone, hunting alone at night is unduly hazardous. If you are an experienced hunter, you might be able to get away with it, but everyone else should find a hunting buddy to come along with them.

Bring An Adequate First Aid Kit

A first aid kit will help you take care of any wounds or emergencies that may occur during your hunt. However, it must be up to the job and include hunting-specific items like a tourniquet, plenty of dressings, and a chest seal for chest trauma.

Don’t Go Out Without A Plan

If you are an avid hunter, you can skip this part because you invariably already understand the importance of proper planning. However, novice night hunters should take the time to create a plan and, more importantly, let others know about it.

Bring A Backup Firearm

You never know what you might come up against at night, and a long-range rifle might be impractical to deal with threats nearby. Therefore, you should bring a backup firearm, preferably a handgun, if you want to save weight. Most hunters will holster it on their chest, allowing easier access when pinned down by a large predator.

Know When It’s Time To Bail

People hunt for many reasons, but most agree that the thrill and excitement make it so enjoyable. Therefore, you should know when it’s time to bail and go home. This could be a result of a successful or disastrous hunt, but the critical point is not to overstretch yourself to the point that things become dangerous.

There is plenty to think about when heading out to hunt wild beasts at night. From night vision to backup weapons, you need to make a plan and be prepared. If you follow the points laid out here, you should remain safe and have a great time.

Last Updated on October 31, 2022

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