Resort in Honduras: Review of an Exclusive Caribbean Mansion Resort in Honduras

Ages ago I remember watching shows like ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ and thinking that would be a super cool way to travel. But chances are, I thought, that they are totally out of my price range and unattainable unless I had a single name or a full-on paparazzi following.

Not Necessarily in the Bay Islands of Honduras

Resorts in Honduras

When I started researching for my family trip to Honduras I had three criteria for the perfect Hotel in Roatan:

  1. Boutique hotels – with a unique twist and small
  2. Right on the beach or waterfront
  3. Kid-Friendly

My search has begun – I looked over tons of hotels in West Bay of Roatan (technically the only true beach on the island). And I can tell you that there are way too many that are overpriced, overcrowded, or chain-wanna-be style resorts – not what I wanted.

Finally, after reading through hundreds of Tripadvisor Reviews, I found Mansion at Costa Tesoro!

Review of an Exclusive Caribbean Mansion Resort in Honduras

This hotel is relatively new and has all the above, plus so much more that I immediately contacted TJ, the owner, and we were reserved!

What makes Mansion at Costa Tesoro stand above all other Resorts in Honduras:

1. TJ told me that I will have a private car waiting for me once I arrived at Roatan at no extra charge. (No other hotel offers this unless you pay)

2. The word Mansion is in the title for a reason. It is literally a mansion converted into a hotel with 6 unique, spacious suites all overlooking the Caribbean Sea with porches and jacuzzis uniquely decorated.

luxury room in a resort in honduras

3. An absolute amazing manager, Ron, who is so fun to hang out with and is as eclectic and colorful as the Mansion itself.

breakfast in a luxury mansion hotel in honduras

4. Their is a huge pool that runs the length of the hotel with water slides, caves for kids to hide in, and a swim up bar. Plus, the second your kids get in the pool one of the staff members immediately arrives to watch over them while the adults can do their own thing and not worry – at all!

kid friendly pool in a luxury resort in honduras

5. Gourmet meals served for your tastes on the grand veranda overlooking the sunsets and sea, prepared by a fabulous chef in a kitchen built for a five-star restaurant and first-rate cooking show and some Honduras traditional food too.

gourmet lobster dinner roatan honduras bay islands

6. Service and care to the guests are difficult to explain since before I even had a thought of what I wanted, it was instantly offered to me and served.

the view from a resort in honduras

The hotel is so intimate and private that you feel that this is YOUR own private mansion!  And let me tell you, my son did too! With the large living room where you can lounge out for hours watching movies or sipping on a tropical cocktail (for the adults), or the playground, my son was in heaven!

jacuzzi and spa at luxury hotel in the caribbean bay islands of honduras

Luckily, I had the chance to meet TJ and we got to talking a lot about his vision for the hotel.

To begin with, there is no sign anywhere of the hotel’s name as the other resorts sprawl all over the island, he wants to keep it exclusive and has been known to have plenty of celebrities, musicians and artists stay that need to keep a low profile.  Secondly, the hotel is not open for walk-ins either for staying overnight or for meals. This keeps the personal feel to it and also the safety of not knowing who will just come off the street. Thirdly, without any signs anywhere, you don’t get the onslaught of street vendors that I noticed pestering the guests of the other hotels and resorts.

mexican decor of master suite in roatan honduras

Another benefit to the hotel, which I personally like, is that it’s located a 2 second walk from the chaotic section of West Bay where all the resorts are with their loud music at night. You are still literally on West Bay yet far enough to enjoy it.

view from private porch of hotel roatan honduras

And don’t forget the most insane sunsets you’ll ever see!

view of dock sunset luxury boutique hotel west bay, roatan honduras

I will say this – my family and I have stayed in tons of hotels, but something about this one, during our Roatan vacation, was truly magical, and I am going nuts trying to see when we can return!

Thanks TJ and Ron, we hope to see you guys again really soon.

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Review of an Exclusive Caribbean Mansion Resort in Honduras

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

2 thoughts on “Resort in Honduras: Review of an Exclusive Caribbean Mansion Resort in Honduras

  1. Hi there did you play golf when you were there?
    I have played in Cabo, Cost Rica, all over the USA and many other places and Pete Dyes creation in Roatan is right up there as one of the very best anywhere. Even now as they are just over a year old the course is in great shape and the service was also very good. I can tell its going to be a top notch facility and is already a “DYEABOLICAL” challenge. Everyone will need to bring there A game for the course and try to stay focused with the pretty views of the Ocean and wildlife.

    1. Hey Daniel,

      I didn’t have a chance to play but did visit it. It’s gorgeous! And it’s the buzz right now for sure. Actually, Costa Tesoro is in the midst of a partnership with them as well to work out different packages for their clients.

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