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Summer is a time of fun and enjoyment. There are a number of things that a person can do to fill their time during the summer months. With all of the festivals and concerts out there, music lovers will have a lot to do this summer. You will have to take the time to narrow down the bands you want to see and then get tickets as needed. The amount of research that is put into finding the best concerts will more than pay off in the end.  Here are some of the most anticipated musical tours of the summer.

musical tours of the summer

  1. Pearl Jam

One of the biggest bands of the 90s, Pearl Jam has been packing in crowds for nearly 30 years. If you love this band, then the only way to truly experience their magic is by seeing them live. This year, the band embarks on a tour that celebrates their full catalog of music. Leader Eddie Vedder has never sounded better and the band is sure to play old favorites and even some covers. Don’t miss the chance to go out and see one of the best bands in the world do what they do best.

  1. Zac Brown Band

What would the summer musical tours season be without a visit from the crown jewel of the Georgia music scene, the Zac Brown Band? For years, this band has been thrilling audiences all over the world with their unique blend of down home country and blues. If you love great songs and unforgettable melodies, then you need to make your way out Fenway this summer to check out this unbelievable band. Be sure to bring your appetite because the great food at Fenway will be served throughout this concert.

  1. Foo Fighters

Do you love good old-fashioned rock and roll? If so, you need to check out the Foo Fighters when they come to Fenway Park. For over 20 years, the Foo Fighters have been one of the biggest bands in rock and roll. Their unique blend of over the top guitars and a pounding backbeat make crowds go wild. Anyone who has ever been to a Foo Fighter’s show can tell you it is a high energy ride from beginning to end. What are you waiting for? Get your tickets today before they are all sold out.

  1. Billy Joel

Another highly anticipated concert coming the Fenway Park soon is Billy Joel. The piano man himself if back at Fenway for the 5th consecutive year in a row to thrill audience with his large catalogue of hits. Audiences both young and old love to hear Billy Joel sing hits like Piano Man and Downeaster Alexa. Tickets to this concert will go fast, which is why you don’t need to wait. There is sure to be a packed house at this concert, so you need to get their early.

  1. Jimmy Buffet

The first thing that most people think about when summer arrives is hitting the beach. There is not better music to enjoy at the beach than the songs of Jimmy Buffet. Mr. Margaritaville has been thrilling audiences for nearly four decades and shows no signs of slowing down. If you love his iconic music, then you will be able to catch him this summer on tour. Be sure to bring your best beach shirt and be ready to have some fun at the Jimmy Buffet Concert.

Regardless of what type of musical tours you go to, be sure to take the time to plan out all of the details. The more you know about what you need to make your concert experience special, the faster you will be able to make the right plans. There is nothing quite like seeing a great musical season in Fenway. The sights and sounds of this venue will allow you to create memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

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