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Want to get a China Visa – Check These Factors Out

If you are a US citizen and looking to visit China, you would need a valid Chinese VISA. Make sure you have a valid Visa on arrival in China along with a passport. In fact, obtaining a visa to China can indeed be a difficult task. If you are looking to make it easy for you to understand the China Visa service, the tips and guidelines here should serve to the fullest.How to get a China Visa.This article is a guide on all about who needs it and how to get one for your next trip to this country.

get a China Visa

Take a look at this article to learn all about how to prepare yourself to study in China.

Who will need a China Visa?

Practically everyone who visits China needs a Chinese Visa. It may be a good idea to check out the situations where you would NOT need a Chines Visa.

Some of the scenarios where you may not need to go with a Chines Visa can be summed up as

  • You may be traveling to your destination through China. If your stay in China does not exceed 24 hours, you do need a Chinese Visa.
  • Residents from Brunei, Singapore, or Japan can visit China without Visa for a period of 15 days. This would involve business travel, visiting family or on a vacation. You may need to check with your consulate for exact info. Since we are interested in Chinese Visa for US residents, we may not need to have anything to do in this context.
  • If you are traveling to Hainan for not more than 15days, you do not need a Visa. In fact, the travel company obtains the Visa.

What do you need if you are applying for Chinese Visa?

Well, the following conditions would be applicable for the US residents. However, each type of China Visa will have a differential requirement. Ideally speaking, the following requirements may need to check –

  • China Visa Application form.
  • A US passport with at least six months of validity. Your passport should have a minimum of two blank pages –one needed for the Visa and the other for the custom stamps.
  • A passport size photo.

Do note that the photograph should meet a few general preconditions – no smile, no head gears, no eye coverings, and a completely white background. You would also need to submit your itinerary that includes your flight ticket confirmations and hotel bookings.

While you are required to submit your itinerary, it is not necessary to meet the itinerary in the serious sense of the word.

Types of Chinese Visa

There are several types of Chines Visa, and each of them have different requirements. The major types would include

  • China C Visa (Crew)
  • China M Visa (Business)
  • China J Visa (Journalist)
  • China S1 & S2 Visas (Student)
  • China Q1 & Q2 Visas (Family Visitation) and
  • China Z Visa (Work Visa)

A single wrong document can lead to the denial of your Visa and jeopardize your entire itinerary. That would be perhaps what necessitates the need for a Chinese visa service agency.

We would recommend China Entry Visa as the prime option for an enhanced experience. They have been in the business for quite a long time and have a better understanding of how does the system work. The company has its offices located across multiple locations where the Chinese Embassy is located – Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC.

We opted for them and found them offering an exciting performance when it comes to obtain a China Visa for the US residents. One of the facts we liked the most with them was that they offer services across all 50 states. You can either go with the regular or expedited services. It can be an excellent option to apply for visa to China.

Why Dow we recommend China Entry Visa?

Well, they were capable of answering all our questions. The team of experts to obtain a visa that the service has in best meant for providing you with an enhanced and improved service at its best.

Opting for the CEV will help you save time and efforts. You do need to visit the Embassy service. The agency will submit the applications on your behalf and check all your documents. You would be provided with timely help in taking care of the corrections if any. This will do away the possibility of your Visa application being rejected.

Just in case, Your Visa application is rejected, which may be a highly rare case, you will be provided assistance in addressing the concern and rectifying the issue.

Well, getting a Chinese Visa is indeed a harrowing experience even when you have all the documents in place. We assume the tips here would have helped you achieve the right option and get Visa.

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