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Wallet for Traveling and Every Day Use

Traveling with small kids can get super messy! Paperwork all over the place. Documents in all the wrong places. Bags that are out of control. My resolution for the New Year is organization – in every aspect of my life – but also in the way I travel. This means starting with the most essential and basic thing – a wallet that can hold all of our documents in one spot (I made a great review for a travel wallet by kenaki, read it here). But in this case I’m reviewing a wallet by Creative Leather Concepts.

I searched long and hard for the right ones and came upon Creative Leather Concepts. The first one that caught my eye was a hot pink wallet and I simply couldn’t resist.

Passport Holder Review by Creative Leather Concepts

When I got it, I realized it’s perfect for me. One thing I noticed, it’s better for solo travel, which I do plenty of as well. It fits my passport, boarding pass, ID, Credit cards and other stuff easily without bulking up.

And when not traveling it’s great for every day life since I can put all that I need into it and it’s slenderness and great design is stylish enough to either use in my purse or on it’s own.

Yet the problem for what to do with ALL our paperwork persisted. I contacted Adam from the company for advice and he recommended a more professional one – the Deluxe Passport and Travel Case.  I said, why not – let’s give it a shot!

Passport Holder Review by Creative Leather Concepts

And guess what. It was right on. When traveling, like most moms, I am in charge of everything to do with my kids. My husband is too busy keeping track of his own stuff that it’s easier for me to not get involved and focus on us three.

It arrived in a gorgeous package reinforcing the present of my newly found view on life – organized and presentable!


Three passports, boarding passes, and other (useless) paperwork needs to go somewhere bulky yet easy to hold and place quickly in a backpack. This travel accessory was excellent for it.

Fun Features:

1. A large compartment can hold 2-3 passports and still close

2. It has two sides with tons of compartments

3. Plenty of room for money – only thing missing for me is the actual money (but I’m working on that 🙂

4. All my documents and credit cards had homes for them

5. And my everyday ID as well

6. Plus the leather is so soft!

Passport Holder Review by Creative Leather Concepts

My Take On It:

Recently, we had a long travel day, anyone who has ever flown via or through Miami Airport can fully grasp the horrid day. However, having all my documents in one place helped with the continuous stop-and-go of showing papers every two feet while keeping my two and eight year old in check.

There are many other great travel wallets, especially for men, you can check out before buying.

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Passport Holder Review by Creative Leather Concepts

One thought on “Wallet for Traveling and Every Day Use”

  1. Thanks for this posting. It looks stunning and simple. Will be ordering it in a New York minute!!!!

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