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Top 5 Walking Destinations In The World

Are you searching for some of the best underrated walking destinations around the world? If so, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best-underrated travel destinations for walking that you may not have considered before. 

Walking Destinations In The World

If you’re traveling around the UK, Ireland is one of the most underrated walking holiday destinations. This is perhaps because some of the locations are difficult to access. However, when you’re there you’ll be able to discover the ‘Kingdom’ of Kerry as well as the Rebel County. You can also travel through the stunning Killarney National Park. 

As for the hikes themselves, you could head to Cork and take the Ballycotton Cliff Walk. This stretches 8 miles along the wild Atlantic. Jump over stiles and navigate gentle meadows as you enjoy this wonderful coastal walk. 

Or, if you are staying around Dublin, then you can travel to Glendalough. This has more than 20,000 hectares of different paths to travel, including around Lower Lake. 

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Spain is a beautiful country for relaxing on golden sands or enjoying the nightlife. Alternatively, you could travel there to sample the delicious cuisine. However, it’s also another of the best-underrated travel destinations for walking. Why is this? 

Spain has a natural beauty which guarantees hillwalking here is a dream come true. The type of hike depends on when you plan to travel. For instance, if you’re heading there between June and September a high-altitude hike is recommended. Alternatively, if you are heading out between Autumn and Spring, then you can find some beautiful lower hikes. 

The mountain range of Sierra de Grazalema has some fantastic places to hike and there is a loop trail that passes between two peaks. Since the trail isn’t well marked, few people travel it, but this is still a wonder to behold. 

Alternatively, Siete Laguna is a beautiful location for hiking. However, it’s also quite difficult. You’ll need a high level of fitness to ascend a total of 1500 meters and that includes a path that will take you along a waterfall. 

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This is a well-known travel location for walkers and particularly for those keen to explore the Everest base camp. However, it’s also one of the most secret & underrated walking destinations in the world because it hides the ‘Forbidden’ Kingdom of Mustang.

This journey has only recently opened to the public. You will follow a path along an ancient salt trading route with opportunities to see some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries and the incredible Gandaki caves.  


If you’re searching for more underrated walking holiday destinations, you could consider taking a trip to Croatia. Journey through a land that was once conquered by the Romans before passing to the Venetians and countless other great powers of history. The coastal region boasts golden sands and crystal-clear waters. 

Are you keen to try a multi-day hike? If so, then you should consider exploring the Velebit Hiking Trail. The trail is 100 kilometers and will let you pass through small towns as well as over the top of rugged peaks. This is one of the most secret & underrated walking destinations in the world, perhaps due to its length. It won’t be the right choice for your first hike. 

Or, you could try a relatively new option. The Via Dinarica White Trail is one of the latest to be established in Croatia. It will take you from the South of Slovenia to the North of Albania. Take a section of the trail or tackle the whole thing – the choice is yours. 


Romania is a beautiful place to walk due to its gorgeous scenery and medieval architecture. There are many popular sites such as Transylvania, home to the iconic castle which you can explore for yourself. Easily among the best underrated walking destinations, you can take a route from Busteni to Urlatoarea. 

This route will take you up the Urlatoarea waterfall and it’s also the ideal choice for beginners. On average, this route will take about an hour. However, you can easily spend up to a whole day gazing at the stunning scenery and views here. There are also more adventurous routes that are still a great fit for nice walking holiday destinations. You could head from Peretele Costila to Cabana Diham. It takes more than six hours and includes a climb to 1320 meters. 

We hope this has helped you uncover some great underrated walking destinations around the world that you can explore yourself. Remember, you can travel anywhere in the world and discover new adventures by visiting TD Active Holidays and finding the perfect holiday for you.

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