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VR Makes Dreams (All Dreams) Come True

Since virtual reality made a comeback within the consumer electronics industry in the last decade, we’ve seen an explosion of new features and new concepts come to life, with a wider variety of apps, games, and other VR entertainment now available and more coming every single day. From ducking behind virtual furniture as you gun down a bad guy (and embarrassing yourself when you slam your head into your real furniture), to adventuring the countryside of a fantasy adventure, virtual reality is taking off faster than ever and it’s for a good reason. And with countless dreams and fantasies to explore, you might be surprised to learn that SexLikeReal is also bringing adult virtual reality entertainment to the masses.

A Long Time Coming

It wasn’t long ago that we were watching episodes of Star Trek and thinking about the holodeck as the ultimate adult toy, but we’re inching closer to similar levels. In fact, other than being stationary the visual quality of modern virtual reality movies is hard to tell apart from reality. Just imagine it: you can go from scrolling through a huge menu of beautiful partners and sexy scenarios at SexLikeReal, and with a single click your dreams can come true.

It’s hard to believe that less than a decade ago, virtual reality was already written off by the masses after a couple false starts. And nobody can blame the consumers of the time; virtual reality was clunky, expensive, uncomfortable, and not realistic enough to provide a real sense of immersion. All of that changed with the wave of VR frenzy that hit with the Oculus a few years back. This time around, it’s clear that virtual reality has hit a critical mass of fans & followers to keep the tech growing, changing, and evolving. You’d probably be surprised to learn that the next evolution of virtual reality is already here with haptic feedback and interactive scripts, too.

More Than What You See

The incredible visuals on offer were enough to keep this author engrossed for hours and hours, but this is one team that’s not about to stop for a rest. Having brought high quality video to the masses, SLR is now bringing interactive content, too! If that thought took you a moment to process, it’s alright, we’ll give you a second. We had the same reaction when we realized the potential of what modern virtual reality can offer, and can even include haptic feedback through something the adult industry calls “teledildonics.” In other words, remotely using a toy. These “interactive scripts” are able to give you physical sensations, through compatible devices, that match the on-screen action. You could partner with a long distance lover across the globe in metaverse content, or you could put a fresh spin on one of the videos we just talked about…

Putting it All Together

When you put it all together, the “holodeck” comparison doesn’t seem so far-fetched. A VR headset strapped to your head, and a toy strapped to your…. Elsewhere… you’ll be ready to dive into one of the world’s largest VR adult content collections at SLR. It’s an intimidating thought, but the thoughtfully laid out interface makes finding exactly what excites you a breeze. With just a few seconds of searching you’ll find that perfect MILF sex VR video to relive those fantasies you had of your high school physics teacher, complete with real physical sensations provided through an interactive script that’s paired with your toy. The sights, the sounds, and the feeling come together to create something you never thought possible in your wildest dreams.

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