Volcano Tours in Guatemala

Guatemala Volcano Tours

Guatemala has 35 volcanoes, and they are at your fingertips! This is because the country is located in the ring of fire. A few are active, and the others remain dormant waiting to be explored. Taking volcano tours in Guatemala is a great way to explore its forests and get amazing views of the surrounding towns.

Types of Volcano Tours in Guatemala 

Active Volcanoes spewing smoke rings and gurgling lava
Inactive volcanoes with panaromic and breathtaking views from thier dormant peaks
New volcanoes growing taller and taller as you read this
One day easy hikes or a three day treks to a summits overlooking all of Guatemala

Guided hiking trips in Guatemala has been made into an art form with so many amazing landscapes you can explore. But the ones perfected are to Volcano Summits and Mayan ruins in the middle of the forest. So if you want a volcano adventure, then this is where you’ll get the volcano-experience-of-your-life!

a volcano in guatemala

Volcanos in Guatemala

Acatenango Volcano
Agua Volcano
Almolonga Volcano
Atitlan Volcano
Chingo Volcano
Chiquimula Volcano
Flores Volcano
Fuego Volcano
Ipala Volcano
Ixtepeque Volcano
Moyuta Volcano
Pacaya Volcano
Quezaltepeque Volcano
Santa Maria Volcano
San Pedro Volcano
Santo Tomas Volcano
Suchitan Volcano
Tacana Volcano
Tahual Volcano
Tajumulco Volcano
Tecuamburro Volcano
Toliman Volcano

Exploring the volcanoes in Guatemala, whether it is on horseback, or on foot, can be a fun experience for any adventurer. Wherever you are in the country, you will have one near. If you decide to go for a volcano tour in Guatemala, let me know how it went!

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Last Updated on June 21, 2024

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