Vladislav Doronin: Tokyo Events in 2023

Vladislav Doronin (OKO Group founder) is the CEO of Janu, an ultra-luxury hotel brand that focuses on driving meaningful connections between like-minded guests. Launched with the aim of ‘rekindling the soul’, Janu Tokyo is due to open in 2023. From Puccini’s Turandot to Cirque du Soleil, this article will provide an overview of some of the most important events scheduled across the Japanese capital in 2023.

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Daniel Kramer’s Turandot

Branching out from immersive exhibitions to make its scenographic debut with a production of Puccini’s Turandot, teamLab presents a version of the opera devised by American choreographer and theatre director Daniel Kramer, culminating in a modern translation of classical opera. Staged from 23rd to 26th February 2023 at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, the production marks Italian composer Luciano Berio’s finale with the company after joining for its 2022 premier in Geneva in 2022.

Mystical Weeping Cherry Festival at Rikugien Gardens

A resplendent example of an Edo period formal garden, Rikugien Gardens is home to some of Tokyo’s most beautiful night-time illuminations. During the springtime, in sakura season, a giant weeping tree takes centre stage. This vast 23 metre by 15 metre specimen is lit by spring sunlight during the daytime, when visitors can marvel at its great age and sheer size. By night, the tree is floodlit, illuminating it in a vast blaze of pink blossom. With Tokyo’s blossom season starting in late March, the optimum time to visit is around 3rd April to see the cherry blossom in all of its fabled splendour.

Kanda Matsuri

Staged at Kanda Myojin from 11th to 17th May 2023, the Kanda Matsuri is one of Tokyo’s most famous festivals. Founded in 730, the Kanda Myojin is a venue with a long history and was revered as one of the most important shrines in Tokyo curing the Edo period. Staged over the course of six days, the Kanda Matsuri features different events on different days, with the ‘Shinkou-sai’ event recommended in particular. ‘Hon-matsuri’, the main festival, incorporates an abundance of things to see, including a parade with performers dressed in Heian period clothing carrying the opulent golden mikoshi around Kanda Myojin.

Cirque du Soleil Alegría: In a New Light

Scheduled to run from 12th February through to 4th June 2023, In a New Light is a revived version of Alegría. Marking Cirque du Soleil’s return following a five year absence from Tokyo, the company’s world-class artists and acrobats will perform a 135-minute spectacular incorporating an incredible line-up of aerialists, acrobats and fire dancers, each performing a series of jaw-dropping stunts that defy gravity and belief.

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

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