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Vital Ways to Save Money on Your Next Rental Car

With travel becoming more accessible, demand for rental cars is exceeding supply. This has led to a rise in rental car rates, to the dismay of many tourists. And, let us face it, who wants to overspend on car rental reservations? Unfortunately, travel costs rapidly accumulate, and knowing how to save money on a car rental may be the difference between adhering to your holiday budget and blowing it. Consequently, this post includes many time-tested methods for lowering the cost of your next car rental.These professional suggestions may assist you in reducing the cost of your next car hire.Rental car is difference between adhering to your budget.These professional suggestions assist you in reducing the cost of your car hire.

Rental Car

Make Use of Memberships

Discounts, coupon codes, and special pricing on car rentals are available to members of organizations like AARP and businesses such as Costco. Renting a car through them may result in significant savings. For example, when members book directly with businesses or through the AARP Travel Center, they may save up to 30% on car rentals.

Car Rental Loyalty Programs

Members of the loyalty program may win rewards, get reward points, and sometimes even avoid the queue while taking the car. Additionally, loyalty programs inform members about future specials and provide them with car rental promo codes for additional savings.

Additionally, as a member, you may qualify for reduced rates while searching directly on the car rental business website.

Make Inquiries Regarding Discounts

Are you a member of the AAA or the military? Or are you disabled or elderly? If this is the case, retain your identity card in your wallet and ask if they have any special discounts. You would be surprised how many businesses provide rebates but will not always reveal them.

Rentals for the Weekend

If your travel arrangements are flexible, consider renting over the weekend. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, businesses often offer rents at up to 50% off weekday prices. To ensure you are getting the best deal, it is prudent to make price comparisons across several dates.

Compare Prices

Look up the schedule of your car rental on a website. Pricing and type of cars from thousands of rental car providers will be shown, enabling you to compare and choose the best deal.

During the search, you will also have the option of sorting and filtering the results. Rental car locations vary by destination. In smaller cities or foreign destinations, you may come upon an unexpected car rental business that offers significant savings over recognized brands.

When comparing prices, be as diverse as possible with your dates, pick-up, and drop-off times. You may be shocked to learn that a few simple changes may result in significant savings.

Reserving a Rental Car

If your journey starts in a major city, a hotel transportation service or public transportation will help you get to and around the airports. You will not only save on car rental, but also parking.

Once you have decided on a destination, book a car rental in that city and start your road trip. For instance, when in London, use public transportation to view the sites.

Rent Only the Cars You Need

Avoid hiring a bigger car than you need. Instead, consider the following.

  • Which paths will you take?
  • What kind of weather are you likely to encounter?
  • How many people and how much stuff must the car comfortably accommodate?

There is no sense in purchasing a bigger car if you are transporting two passengers and a few pieces of luggage. Additionally, bigger cars use more fuel, which may add to the expense, particularly if you plan to travel often. While it is attractive to indulge, hiring a convertible for traveling throughout Europe in the winters is a waste of money.

Choose a Pick-up Location Other Than the Airport

Car rentals at the airport are the most costly since the majority of visitors arrive at the airport. Additionally, municipal regulations often put extra charges on airport rentals on your bill.

If feasible, enter the city by public transportation or a hotel service and then hire a car from a handy city location.

Compare the value of airport transportation if required. For example, is the cab fare cheaper than renting a car at the airport? In some instances, the outcome may be favorable. However, please remember that parking costs must be included as well.

Fill the Tank (by Yourself)

Caution should be used when renting a car that has a prepaid gasoline option that allows you to return the car without refilling the tank. While this is handy, you will be charged for refilling the car at the rental car company’s rate. Not to mention that you will be charged for a full tank of fuel regardless of how much you use. Instead, use an application to find the lowest neighborhood gas prices and refuel the car before returning it. Confirm that you paid for the fuel using an incentive-based credit card.

Obey All Traffic Rules

This one, hopefully, is self-evident. Violations of traffic laws, unlawful parking, and reckless driving will almost always result in tickets and fines. Take note of all signs and adhere to all applicable local traffic regulations. It is very costly to have your rental car taken away if you park it in the wrong location.

Eliminate Extras

Your rental car provider may upsell you on extra services, including GPS navigation. You can avoid paying extra fees by using your phone for navigation instead. If you are traveling internationally, make use of the airport’s free Wi-Fi to browse the web and plan a route to your destination to avoid being charged for roaming.

Be Punctual When Returning

If you return the car more than a few hours late, you may be charged for a whole additional day. By returning the car on time or early, you can avoid this unpleasant charge.


The following cost-cutting strategies should be considered when you rent a car, particularly during the current coronavirus epidemic. They can assist you in saving money on your rental and other expenses like tolls, damage waivers, and gasoline. All of these discounts add up to substantial reductions on your next tour when used.

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