Vital Climbing Gym, Brooklyn: A Totally Different Experience


Vital Climbing Gym, Brooklyn: A Totally Different Climbing Experience

facade of vital climbing gym brooklyn new york

We visit my family every year once or twice per year in New Jersey, right across the river from New York. My kids train in a gym right next to theirs, but everybody in that whole metro area has been buzzing about this one gym. It’s a relatively new place called Vital in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It is a bouldering gym and yes, it deserve a whole post. Today we’re going to be talking about Vital climbing gym in Brooklyn.

Let me tell you this, it is way more than just a bouldering gym. This place is out of this world, it’s not cheap, it’s about $35 for a day pass per person. But when you get there, you’re probably going to spend the whole day there. 

VITAL Climbing Gym

I normally accompany my men to the gyms because I find them fascinating and a lot of them are pretty cool to hang out in. I could always work in them, but Vital definitely took the cake on everything. First is this enormous bouldering gym in Greenpoint at one point was this area that was like warehouses and factories, and today it’s this up-and-coming very hipster-like area, but because it used to be warehouses and factories, the spaces there are enormous right if they weren’t made into apartment buildings, you can build a huge gym such as vital, and it’s also placed perfectly right across the river, the other side of the river on the east side. Looking over Manhattan.

people and climbing boards at vital gym brooklyn

Areas at VITAL Climbing Gym

When you enter vital itself, there is this enormous space. There is like the café area where you can work, and it’s a huge place and even has some beautiful outdoor tables. So there’s plenty of space for people who don’t climb that visit with climbers, and then the entire bottom is All these different bouldering projects. I mean, they have all levels from V1 to probably V 13. 

I’m not sure if they’ve made even harder ones today. They have a room for kids, they have all levels, they rent shoes obviously it is pet friendly, and I mean it’s enormous, and then they have this whole room where it’s a gym. 

people having fun at vital climbing gym in at brooklyn


So if you’re going to just go and work out while you’re with somebody who is participating who is climbing. I mean, this gym has it all, and literally, you could spend a couple of hours there and not use all their machines. So that’s an amazing place. 

They also rent out for aerial yoga and for all these other classes so you can find out their schedule as well.

outdoor climbig gym at vital brooklyn

Bouldering Area

However, the coolest part of all is upstairs. They have this entire outdoor bouldering area including a fire pit and a beautiful restaurant with all sorts of options including a lot of vegan food and that’s where I spent the majority of my time next to a fire pit. 

We were there in the fall, so it wasn’t too cold or too hot. It was just perfect. But in the evening it did definitely get a bit chilly. The views are spectacular. And my men enjoyed climbing as well on the second floor on the top floor outside while I watched them and worked on my computer and ate a delicious meal. Honestly, if you’re going to be bouldering from zero level to whatever your level is, this is going to be a place for you. 

woman sitting behind a fire pit at outdoo vital climbing gym

My Take

I end up doing it because I like to walk around the neighborhood a lot of times. The neighborhoods are really cool and in this particular area, Greenpoint was really hip. I went and checked out some cool little organic shops right next door and had a coffee there. Then I had coffee in Vital, then I had dinner in Vital. 

We literally spent six hours there. And amazingly enough, my kids were just going full-on, including my husband. So it was a full-day trip. Really easy to get to. You could drive and there’s plenty of parking, or you could take public transportation, there are tons of subway stops or a public bus. So it’s really easy to get to. And you could also do with day passed, you could do weekly, you could do memberships. 

They actually have exclusive access because it’s 24 hours. Yeah, 24 hours. Some people actually like to go climbing at three in the morning, who would have known, so check out Vital. It’s just a cool experience all around and make sure you go upstairs, so you want to go on a day that it’s not raining or snowing or too cold to really enjoy the full gym.

outdoor climbing board people and plants at vital gym

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Last Updated on June 6, 2023

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