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Visiting Universal Studios from Central America

If you are a family already living in Central America or that loves to explore Central America you might want to experience something in combo with your trip here.

Don’t get me wrong, Central America offers amazing destinations and things to do, but doing something a bit different every once in a while can be refreshing. A cool and nearby option is Florida.

This place has warm climate and offers many fun things to do for travelers. In here you can go golfing, go on safaris, visit an orchid farm, or get Universal Studios Tickets, Florida mangrove exploring, shopping and much more!

A great place to stay at when you visit Florida is Orlando. It is a place with hotels of all kinds, restaurants offering food from tons of different countries of the world, offers great things to do with kids or people of all ages. This city is also known for its fun nightlife, mostly around Central Boulevard.

Even with all the excitement in the city one of the main attractions of coming to this part of the world is visiting the Universal Studios theme park. It is a place where you can actually ride the movies! Here you can walk through or ride attractions that take you back almost one hundred years.

A great part about this park is that you don’t have to spend tons of time waiting in line to get your attraction tickets direct, before your vacation even begins. Keep in mind that this is a park that receives over 6 million of visitors in one year.

As every other major theme park around the world it offers many different options for having a meal and spending some time before you move on to the next ride. Universal Studios has everything you might need for a fantastic vacation. So come on over and experience what it has to offer!

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