Visiting Sri Lanka with Kids can Be Very Fun

While we love traveling as a family, we often find that bringing the kids in our holidays means that we have to plan everything with a lot more detail. For our trip to Sri Lanka, this was even more important as the amenities we are used to in most of Europe do not exist over there.How to make a trip to Sri Lanka with kids a perfect adventure for all ages.Check this out to learn all about Sri Lanka with kids.

Sri Lanka with Kids

You should bring necessities with you and not expect to find first-world amenities
Sri Lanka is very safe for children but there are definitely some things you should bring from home unless you want to be disappointed. For example, you should bring your own children’s sunscreen and mosquito repellent as finding such things in Sri Lanka is tricky. This advice from Lonely Planet was most definitely a welcome one.

If you are planning on moving around your kid with a buggy, you can forget about it right now. Not only are they non-existent in Sri Lanka but even if you bring your own, you will have a very hard time on those roads.

On a similar note, you will not really find a children’s car seat anywhere so be prepared for that reality. You might have some luck if you contact an upscale hotel about it but chances are slim.

We also found that we had to take our kids with us pretty much everywhere so if you are planning on doing any activities not suitable for children, one of you will most certainly have to stay back. That means no long hikes, for example.

There are still plenty of things to do with your kids
Sri Lankans are incredibly friendly to children and they will always try to be helpful with you, even if only to help the young ones. We also found no shortage of things to do as a family in Sri Lanka.

We found it very easy to talk with everyone and they were more than happy to give us directions and advice.This was particularly helpful in finding suitable beaches.

As we traveled around the island, locals advised us that some nearby beaches were not safe for children. We were very thankful for this and we made sure to make this very clear to the young ones as well.

Exploring Sri Lankan food with your kids can also be very fun. Our youngest is a fan of spices but some of the food was too much even for him. The fruit, however, were a real treat and it was amazing to have fresh coconut all the time and learn about dragonfruit, rambutan, mangosteen and more fruit than you could have thought of.

We also found Mirissa simply amazing. We were a bit worried about booking a whale watching trip as we had heard they are very lengthy and tiring but the excitement of both kids was well worth it and they didn’t complain once. Your mileage might vary of course.

All in all, we were extremely happy to have made the choice of visiting Sri Lanka as a family. We would definitely not recommend visiting with a very young child as the entire trip would prove to be very difficult.

Last Updated on December 10, 2021

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