Visiting Phoenix: 10 Things You Should Know Before You Go

Visiting Phoenix, the capital of the state of Arizona is the sixth largest city in the United States of America. It is located in the Sonoran Desert at an elevation of 335m and merged with neighboring cities to form Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Arizona is home to many places to visit with kids. The most popular districts of Phoenix are – Midtown, Downtown, West Phoenix, North Phoenix, Camelback East, and Ahwatukee.

Arizona is one of the best tourist destinations in the USA and acquires a special position because of its high-rise modern buildings that show Spanish as well as Indian colonial influences with a touch of the West. There are numerous tourist attractions along with great opportunities for shopping. Sports lovers can spend their time enjoying the tennis courts and golf courses. Tourists can even visit the famous football and basketball teams.

Things to Know Before Visiting Phoenix, Arizona


The climate of Phoenix is arid with hot and long summers. Winter is mild. Phoenix is known to have the highest temperature during summer compared to other metropolitan cities in the USA. During winter, it is not as cold as in other states, but sometimes, the temperature goes down to 30s°F or -1°C. The temperature goes up to 115°F (46°C) during summer. April is the most ideal month for tourists to visit Phoenix. Tourists may face the problem of fog and humidity throughout the year.

Visiting Phoenix Arizona - Sunset at Saguaro National Park
Photo by: Srikanth Jandhyala

Places to visit

There are numerous tourist attractions that lure travelers to Phoenix. Some of the popular tourist attractions of Phoenix are – Japanese Friendship Garden, Arizona Science Center, Desert Botanical Gardens, Heritage Square, Hall of Fame Fire Museum, Papago Park, South Mountain Park, Phoenix Zoo, Mystery Castle, The Arizona Grand Resort, Hear Museum, Barringer Crater, Sedona, Canyon De Chelly, Hoover Dam, Saguaro National Park, Monument Valley, Taliesin West and many more. Phoenix is home to numerous natural wonders and well known national parks in the world. The Grand Canyon national park is something tourists should see to believe.

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Things to do

Every major city has major or minor tourist attractions. Like other metro cities, Phoenix has lots of things to do.

  • Tourists can experience the culture of Phoenix in the buildings that are very high and reflect the architecture of Spain.
  • One can stroll through Desert Botanical Gardens to see desert plants and experience the southwestern culture.
  • For Native American art and culture, you can visit Heard Museum. As Phoenix is located in one of the colorful deserts, outdoor enthusiasts enjoy outdoor activities, hiking, and biking trails, etc.
  • In spring, tourists will enjoy the wildflower carpets and blooming cactus along valleys and hillsides. Phoenix is an elegant fashion center and is known for its palm-tree resorts.
  • Tourists can enjoy each and every moment in Phoenix. Whether it is on the golf course, shopping in the malls, in a spa, or on entertainment premises, you will enjoy everything.
  • You can take part in a variety of activities such as biking, fishing, hiking, trekking, camping, and many more at Phoenix national parks.


When it comes to accommodation, there is no shortage of options. There are a number of excellent accommodation options available in Phoenix. Tourists can opt for a budget stay as well as a luxury resort. There are numerous resorts and hotels that welcome business travelers as well as leisure travelers. Some of the popular hotels are – Sky Harbor, Hojo airport hotel, Hilton Phoenix suits, Doubletree suits, Hyatt Regency etc. Most of these hotels are near the airport. As the city is car-centered, tourists who wish to enjoy the main attractions of the city should hire a car. The Light Rail is very handy in the Downtown region.

Book a luxury resort

If you are looking for a luxury resort in Phoenix, it is recommended to book in advance. There are numerous travel portals that provide you with a variety of booking options. You can choose an appropriate resort based on your preferences. Tourists can avail the benefits of great discounts and deals by booking luxury resorts online. If you are in search of the best travel portal for online booking, you can visit For resort booking click here and you will get all the information related to luxury resort booking in Phoenix. You can even book a luxurious resort online and save a lot of time and money. If you want to avoid last-minute tensions, it is better you book in advance through

Hoover Dam and Power House
Photo by: Ron Reiring


For a romantic touch, you can dine at one of the best and most lovely restaurants in Phoenix. The food is not cheap, but it can be of high standard. You will get an opportunity to dine in one of the luxurious atmospheres amidst grand music.


To experience the best nightlife in the city, there are two famous places. One is the Kazimierz and the other is Axis/radius. Tourists are bound to fall in love with the ambiance of Axis/radius, which is a shiny and happy club. If you are a wine lover, you must visit Kazimierz, which is a wine bar with more than 3000 options to choose from. Tourists with a tight budget can easily enjoy nightlife in Phoenix.


Tourists can have an excellent shopping experience in Phoenix. Chandler Fashion Center is the best place for shoppers. Phoenix has numerous shopping malls, salons, restaurants, cloth shops and many more. With more than 180 shops, you will find almost all the things at the Chandler Fashion Center.


Phoenix is well-connected by road transportation. Though it is a car-centered city, tourists can find several bus points throughout the capital. It is easy to get around Phoenix by local and express bus. You can even take the pass to travel throughout the day and get back to your location without much effort.


First-time visitors will find the experience of visiting Phoenix more phenomenal, as it has much to offer. If you want to enjoy your holiday vacation without landing in a difficult situation, you must abide by the rules of the city. If you are not sure about the laws of Phoenix, look for Phoenix Ambassadors. They are always there to help the tourists and solve their queries.

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Last Updated on July 8, 2023

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  1. You know Phoenix is one of these places where I never understand why people choose to live there. Mostly because the heat is ridiculous. I didn’t know it was possible to be so hot at night until I visited Phoenix. You can feel the heat coming off the asphalt. I hear that the majority of the population is retirees though, must be good for old people!

    1. I was there once too and the newscaster on the radio was saying that some guys toupee melted from the heat 🙂 It wasn’t even that pretty!

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