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Visiting Melbourne? How To Travel Cheap & Still Have A Great Time

Summer is still in full swing for those of us living in the Southern Hemisphere.Six tips that you can use when visiting Melbourne to save some money on your trip along the country.Look at this list of visiting Melbourne.

However, if you’re sick and tired of being stuck in a colder climate up north, it may be time to replace those winter chills with road trips, sunny beaches, and sand between your toes with a trip to the warmer weather of Australia.

The thing is, travel isn’t always cheap. Whether it’s paying for flights, accommodation, transport, activities or food, the list goes on…and on…and on. Thankfully with a few of the tips and tricks we’re sharing today, a holiday in Melbourne could be cheaper than you think!

Let’s get started…

visiting Melbourne

Tips to Save Money When Visiting Melbourne Australia

1. Join A ravel Rewards Program

Travel rewards programs are a great way to start earning points towards your next getaway well before you think about booking your trip. Recent changes by airlines now allows you to earn rewards via miles per dollar on your flight spend – rather than on the distance you travel – offering a more significant benefit for those flying short distances.

Visiting Melbourne Australia

Remember! Points aren’t just earned by flying. You can earn more points from hotels, supermarkets, and retail providers, too. It’s a great way to accumulate more points for your next holiday, naturally.

2. Seek Out & Book The Lowest Airfares

Nailing down the cheapest airfares possible can be time-consuming…

…however, they’re easy to find if you know where to look.

Booking through websites such as Farecompare and JetRadar means you can compare your options and ensure you’re getting the best price on your flights. We’ve listed a few here, but even comparison sights can offer different rates, so it pays to check around and do our research.

Don’t forget! Another factor you need to consider is the time – and day – you’re planning to travel. Flying out on a weekday at a ridiculous time of the morning – or evening – will usually offer the best price. Just be sure to set that alarm…

3. Find Affordable Accommodation

You don’t always need to stay at a pricey 5-star hotel. There are plenty of affordable options throughout Melbourne, including hostels, backpackers, and more affordable hotels which offer cheaper rates when you book directly via their websites.

visiting Melbourne

Be smart! If you’re looking to cut costs further, consider taking advantage of cheaper accommodation on the outskirts of Melbourne rather than staying directly in the center of the city. It’s convenient, sure. But that convenience comes at a cost!

4. Catch Public Transport

Travel usually involves booking a car or van for pickup at the airport when you arrive, but Melbourne has exceptional public transport which makes it easy to navigate your way around the city. It’s cheap, too!

Between Melbourne’s famous trams, trains, and bus network, it’s easy to get around as both a local or a tourist. Why not take advantage of the free City Circle tram, for example? The tram takes you around all of Melbourne’s popular tourist destinations. Plus, it saves you time – and sunburn – in the summer.

Split the costs! If you plan on leaving the city for the day, websites like Share Your Ride, CoSeats, and GoGet allow you to share a car with others and split the costs!

5. Choose Your Activities Wisely

The cost of tourist attractions and activities quickly adds up! Plan your day and save some cash with websites like Bookme and Groupon, which allow you to browse hundreds of attractions in Melbourne and save anywhere between 20% to 90% on the regular price.

visiting Melbourne

Give these a look! There are plenty of low-cost (and free!) things to do in Melbourne, including:

  • Visit Melbourne’s stunning beaches, laneways, and Botanic Gardens.
  • Hire a bike and cycle the city.
  • Browse the Queen Victoria Market, St Kilda Foreshore, and Melbourne’s Chinatown.

6. Save Some Change With Cheap Dining Options

Food can be a budget killer!

Unfortunately, we all still need to eat…

When budgeting for food, it’s better to over-calculate rather than underestimate. The best way to save a little cash is by making trips to local supermarkets, markets, and grocers and grabbing food you can cook yourself.

Don’t forget to treat yourself! Buying from the supermarket will save you a lot, but it’d be a waste if you didn’t treat yourself to some of Melbourne’s great food. There are cheap eats aplenty if you know where to look.

Making Your Money Last The Whole Trip

As you can see, there are loads of great ways you can make your next trip to Melbourne an affordable one. Stretching out your money certainly doesn’t mean missing out on all the fun, so you can make the most of Melbourne and return home with cash still left in your back pocket. After all, the best things in life are free!

You can also take a look at this list of things to do in Melbourne.

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