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Visiting Melbourne: 7 Transport Tips

Are you heading Down Under soon? Melbourne is one of the Australian cities that you should not miss out on. As one of the most livable cities in the world, Melbourne has always been a favorite destination for those who enjoy world-class dining, shopping, rich culture, and coffee! Experience the beauty, quirks, and fun that Melbourne has to offer by navigating through the city like a pro. Take care of ways you can move around while visiting Melbourne.These tips will allow you to learn what is the best option for you.

Visiting Melbourne

Here are some helpful transport tips to guide you as you explore Melbourne.

Trams: For a Classic Melbourne Experience

Aside from being one of the major modes of transportation, trams are a Melbourne icon. Trams offer a quintessential Melbourne experience for every visitor. If you want to hop around the Central Business District or check out the coolest spots to hang out in the inner-suburban area, taking the tram is the best way to go. You can even take the tram for free in the City Circle Tram and the free tram zone in the city center. When riding the tram, you need to tap your valid Myki card only once. 

Limo Service: For a Luxurious Experience

Want to wander around the city in style? Why not opt for a limo hire Melbourne has to offer. Traveling in style couldn’t be better, and there are a variety of options to choose from. This is perfect if you are throwing a hen’s party, bachelor’s party, birthday bash, and any other event. You can customize your limo service experience as much as you want by opting for luxurious features. There are even limousines that come with an indoor fireplace, integrated sound systems, and many more. 

Visiting Melbourne

Trains: For Longer Routes

If you are heading to the Central Business District as well as outside the suburbs, taking the train in Melbourne is recommended. Trains can be very packed during peak hours so that should be taken into consideration. You can get a ticket by purchasing a Myki pass or through the conductor. When taking a train, remember to tap your Myki card upon entering and before leaving the terminal. 

Buses: For Traveling Directly to Your Destination

Buses have more routes than the tram or train, so they are perfect if you want to travel further in the Central Business District as well as the suburbs. Night service is also available during the weekends. Hop-on, hop-off buses are also available for tourists who want to tick off the majority of Melbourne’s top sights in their bucket list. 

Rental Car, Taxi, and Ridesharing: For Added Flexibility

Melbourne’s tram and train system are already efficient and convenient. However, if you want to also travel to the countryside, a car rental can help you. If you decided to rent a car, keep in mind that there will be trams all over the streets. You should also familiarize yourself with the local road rules as well as the street directions for your own safety and convenience. If you do not want to spend time trying to navigate your way through a rental car, carpooling is the answer. Global ridesharing app Uber is also available in Melbourne. Taxi companies also operate in various designated across the city. Despite being comfortable and convenient, it is worth noting that taking a taxi is considered one of the most expensive ways to get around the city.

Water Taxi: For Sightseeing

If you are tired of walking around the city on foot, you can opt for a water-based public transport instead. Water taxis are a fun way to get in and out of the city. Taking a water taxi also offers you the opportunity to enjoy the city skyline above the water. Some water taxi companies may even provide you the opportunity to go on a sunset or twilight cruise if you like.

Helicopter: For an Exciting Experience 

If you want something more extravagant, hiring a helicopter is the answer. Hiring a helicopter is significantly more expensive than other means of transport. However, a helicopter ride can help you skip the traffic, get to your destination on time, and arrive in both comfort and style. This is also perfect if you want to experience a weekend getaway or just want to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city. 

There are several ways for you to get around the city. Each transport option has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. You have the freedom to see the city by taking the tram for free and even up to hailing a helicopter. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your personal preference, budget, as well as your personal goals. 

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