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Visiting Maggie Valley, NC – What you Need to Know

If you want to visit a place that has history, beauty and plenty of outdoor interests, Maggie Valley is an excellent choice. The town is located in a scenic area, close to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s a relaxing place to take a break, but there is still plenty of activity to keep you entertained.The fun reasons to visit the Maggie Valley of North Carolina.Check this out to learn all about visiting Maggie Valley.

Visiting Maggie Valley

As with any place that you visit, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the area, before you set off. Take a look at Maggie Valley attractions  and make a list of the things that you do not want to miss while you are there. We have some suggestions that you may want to consider.

Savor the history

Maggie Valley is not short on things to see, if you have an interest in the past. One of the most interesting places to visit is the Wheels Through Time Museum. The museum is packed with an array of rare American motorcycles. If you are a fan of bikes, you will be fascinated by the collection of machines and memorabilia. Even if you are not a fan, the museum is still an exciting place to visit.

For people who like their shopping to be historical, there is plenty of chance to look for antiques, and quirky goods, in Maggie Valley. Several different vendors are located at Hillbilly Jack’s Antique Mall, where you can find anything from antique jewellery to biker gear. Maggie’s Attic is another shopping experience to enjoy. The shop is full of not just antiques but handmade craft items as well.

Enjoy the great outdoors

If you want to get out and about in the fresh air, after the dose of history, you can do just that. There is plenty of scenery to admire in the Maggie Valley area.

Visiting Maggie Valley

Socca Falls is a stunning double waterfall can be found close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, on Cherokee Nation land. There is a safe, maintained path that leads to the viewing platform for the falls. From here you can get some impressive shots. There is also a trail that leads to the bottom of the falls, but it’s steep and it’s not maintained. It’s easy to slip if you try to walk down it, so you should stick to admiring the falls from the viewing platform.

Waterrock Knob is also located along the Blue Ridge Parkway. You may not think that a parking area would be very impressive, but the views from this one are breath-taking. There is also a hike available, if you are feeling active. But, you should be prepared to be tested. The path is only half a mile long but it rises to an elevation of more than 6,000 feet.

Get active then relax

If the hike at Waterrock Knob spurs you on to be more active, you may want to check out some more of the activities on offer in the area, and ways that you can relax afterwards.

The Cataloochee Ski Area is not very big, but it’s still a fun place to spend some time on the slopes. During the season, there is a shop on site where you can buy accessories such as gloves, helmets, t-shirts and goggles. If skiing or boarding is not your thing, you may still be able to enjoy a visit to the Cataloochee ski area , by spending some time at Tube World. It’s fun to hurtle down a slope in just a tube.

After a day spent exerting yourself, you may want to treat yourself to some pampering at the Maggie Valley Wellness Center. The Center is located five miles outside of Waynesville and it has five treatment rooms, as well as a deck that overlooks the local Jonathan’s Creek.

You can see that there is plenty to see and do in Maggie Valley. Now, all you have to do is visit and enjoy.

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