Destinations You Will Definitely Enjoy When Visiting Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a wonderful travel destination that so many enjoy every single month of the year. This is a city that has so much to offer: desert drives, water parks, golden beaches, the Qasr al Watan, and so much more. When thinking about the top holiday destinations from around the world, Abu Dhabi has to be on the list. The only problem is that many do not know anything about the location. With this in mind, here are some recommended activities that you do need to consider aside from the traditional Visiting Abu Dhabi city tour.


5 Places to See When Visiting Abu Dhabi

The Gorniche

This is a really interesting 4 miles promenade that allows you to enjoy a great picnic. During an afternoon you can enjoy the entire ride and if you want to go faster, you can always rent a bike. While Abu Dhabi is definitely on the list of extreme travel activities to consider for adrenaline junkies, this activity is perfect for those that want to relax.

Yas Island – The Island Of Adventure

This island is quite close to the airport. It is a very hot and frantic center for those that are looking for some adrenaline filled lines. You will want to visit Water world, which recently opened, since this is currently the biggest water park in the entire world. There are so many slides, raft rides and terrifying ravines that you will love, together with the endless wave machines available. Obviously, you will want to also visit Ferrari World, with the fastest roller coaster in the world, which is mentioned in the extreme activity list that was mentioned above. Getting as fast as 150 miles per hour is something you will love. On Yas Island you can also find the Formula 1 track of Abu Dhabi. You can cycle or run around it for free during Tuesdays.

Saadivat Island

Saadivat Island is located only 10 minutes away from the center of Abu Dhabi via taxi. This is a destination you do want to go to if you are interested in art. There are many plans to bring in the greatest art in the world here since this is something that is missing from the city. You can already visit a permanent exhibit that basically highlights what the plans are. There are also some really interesting mosque options available if you are interested in something like this.

Go Into The Desert

Visiting the desert when you visit Abu Dhabi is definitely something you want to consider. There is a huge 100 feet sand dune 1 hour away from the city. It is accessible via various 4×4 tours and you will also want to take a look at the Al Jahili Fort because of the permanent exhibit there.

Masdar City

This is located right close to the airport and you do need to visit it. Cars will not be allowed. This is basically an area that is labeled as being the city of the future as everything there is based on zero-carbon development. The entire “city” is powered through sunlight and wind energy. Tours are available through driver-less pods and there are various buildings that already exist here. Many researchers and even students work hard to create something that we will maybe see in the future in the larger cities from around the world. Even if problems do exist with development, a lot of work is currently done and you never know when Masdar becomes reality.

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Last Updated on March 24, 2022

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