Visiting a Lavender Farm in Antigua, Guatemala

woman sitting while looking to an amazing view in antigua, guatemala

Dreaming of places to visit when you’re stuck in the house can be a good thing, that can easily and quickly turn into a bad dose of self-pity. That’s why I have found those bucket list images from around the world to work the opposite for me. That’s why I decided to pay a visit to a lavender farm in Antigua, Guatemala, but here’s how I found it!

However, this one time, somehow I was bored and had some time to kill and ended up scrolling through my Facebook feed when a beautiful fully in bloom Lavender Field in Provence, France appeared. Funny enough, I’m not into Lavender flowers at all, but I couldn’t break away. Maybe it was the dream of doing something that I normally wouldn’t visit. I even decided to peek into the prices of flying over to France. But this was right in the midst of shutdowns and airport closings. So you know how that search went.

Not very far …

However, I wanted to indulge more in the ‘dream’ and put Provence Lavender fields into a Google search. I still don’t get how the whole algorithm thing works, but what came up as the top search was: Jardines de Provenza. And do you know what!

It’s in my home town, at Antigua, Guatemala. I kid you not!

woman walking trough a lavender field in Antigua, Guatenala

Visiting a Lavender Farm in Guatemala

This amazing Lavender Field, is located literally ten minutes from my home and pretty much had everything I dreamed … and more. I convinced my hubby for a lunch adventure.

The lavender farm is located at the base of the volcano, allowing you to enjoy incredible views as you stroll through the fields. And with a Guatemalan coffee in hand, and my love at my side. This was the best way to spend the day!

What’s important to remember, a lot of times what feels like a dream far away can literally be right around the corner.

woman and a guy taking a selfie with a volcano on the background in antigua, guatemala

Is it Worth it to Visit a Lavender Field?

Yes! Totally worth it. As I told you before, I’m not really into lavender flowers, but those places have something magical about them that you can’t just ignore. It was like a garden with tons of lavender, and the nice weather of Guatemala makes it all better. It was sunny, and the location was surprisingly amazing, the views were incredible. You can hear the birds singing and see some bees around with the lavender aroma filling up the place.

Since the volcano is really close, you really can take stunning photos and spend an amazing time with your beloved ones.

Things to consider before going to a lavender farm

There are some things you need to consider before going to a lavender farm:

  • Lavender attracts bees when it’s in bloom, despite we didn’t see many of them you should be careful in case you’re allergic or something.
  • You can take all the photos you want
  • Sometimes the volcano is covered by clouds
  • The best time to go is in the summer at morning and 3 – 4 P.M
woman in a lavender field in antigua guatemala

Some more photos I took at the Lavender Farm in Antigua, Guatemala

The place is amazing for taking photos, the view is awesome and the volcano in the background gives it a nice touch. You can find plenty of nice spot to shot some photos.

a couple hugging in a lavander farm
woman in front of tree in a lavender farm

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Last Updated on May 17, 2022

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