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Visit Thailand – Top 5 Cities To Travel To

The most beautiful kingdom of mesmerizing and scenic locations with exotic wildlife – Thailand is the place to be if you want to always remember your vacations. Thailand serves as one of the biggest tourist hubs in South East Asia and attracts tourists from all over the world who want to experience the true taste of Asian culture. While most first-time tourists to Thailand do not know of many cities other than Bangkok within Thailand, there are a number of other cities that offer major attractions and are worth visiting in a Thailand tour package. In order to help you out, here are the top five best cities for tourists in Thailand. Give it a read and make your experience in Thailand worth reminiscing for life.Five of the best cities to visit while traveling around Thailand.Take a look at this list of places to visit Thailand during Asia travel.

Visit Thailand BANGKOK

Heard of Thailand, but never heard of Bangkok? That’s impossible. From elaborately crafted heritage to Buddhist Temples and gourmet meal – this is definitely the place to be if you ever visit Thailand. The restaurant, dance nights and nightclub are the world-known highlights of the city. While the city is mostly crowded from tourists all around the year, it is still a must-visit city as it offers a number of Thai amenities from all over the country.


Visit Thailand CHIANG MAI

Chiang Mai is a city that is located to the north of Bangkok and although it does not offer beaches or water activities, it is filled with beautiful landscapes. It is approximately 600 kilometers away from Bangkok and tourists normally take the 1 hour direct flight with local carriers instead of taking the 9 hours long road trip.

With ancient temples as old as 300 years and trendy bars and restaurants, the city is filled with adventures. It is best known for the spas and massages famous around the world.

To make the best of your visit, travel gurus from Thailand Vacation recommend exploring the city’s vibrant night markets. These bustling markets, such as the famous Night Bazaar and Sunday Walking Street, offer a treasure trove of local crafts, authentic street food, and traditional souvenirs. It’s one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture while you’re there.


Visit Thailand PATTAYA

Pattaya is one of the best located cities within Thailand as it is only a 2 hours’ drive from Bangkok and offers beach attractions to tourists. Pattaya has millions of visitors each year due to its Gulf coast centric location. Far from the hustle bustle of pollution and traffic, the beach bars and Jomtein Beach are definitely worth your visit. Although it may not be as attractive as other beach areas of Thailand in terms of natural beauty, but it is considered to be a good budget option for the travelers who want to travel in a smaller budget. Most of the travel agencies in South Asian countries like Pakistan and India offer this as an attractive option for budget travelers.


Visit Thailand PATONG

Patong is the hub of party animals. The patong beach area is located in Phuket and is preferred by many who are interested in the nightlife of Thailand. The golden beach is filled with nightclubs bars and discos alongside jet skiing, sunbathing, parasailing and kayaking. A day under sun and umbrella will never be a waste in your trip to Thailand.


Visit Thailand KHAO LAK

Khao Lak is one of the hidden gems of Thailand as it offers a lot of unexplored beauty of the country. This is the place for people who love seclusion and solitude. Quieter than the other coastal destinations, it is a family oriented place and a perfect breather from all your excitement of the visit.

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