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Visit South Carolina – Kiawah Is the #1 American Island Getaway

Readers of Condé Nast Traveler know that the publication reaches out to its readers every year to find out what the world’s best places and experiences are. For 2014, more than one million readers let their voices be heard on a diversity of topics.What makes Kiawah Island in South Carolina the #1 Island Getaway from the United States.Learn all about to visit South Carolina.

Once again, South Carolina’s Charleston topped one list as the #1 City in the United States. But it was an island just off SC’s coast which had the (perhaps) more prestigious title of #2 Island in the World. Little Kiawah Island has quite a reputation, and though it didn’t get the #1 spot for the world, it’s runner up status makes in a shoe-in for best island in America. Here’s why.


Kiawah is small enough to keep the crowds away, but large enough to give you more than enough to do. Just 10 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, at the most, it is filled to the brim with paved paths and walk able beaches. The weather is perfect for most tastes, never getting much below 60F in the winter or much above 85F in the summertime.

This barrier island has been well preserved since it was first colonized. Visitors enjoy unspoiled maritime forest, creeks, freshwater ponds, marshes, a river, and endless view of the Atlantic ocean. There’s lots of native wildlife on the island: bird, reptiles, and mammals. Responsibly and sustainably developed, it’s undeveloped portions appear much as they did centuries ago.

There’s plenty to do on Kiawah. The Ocean Course was home to the PGA Championship once, and will be again in 2021. If golf’s not your thing, there’s tennis, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, boogie boarding, and fishing, just to name a few. Visitors can stay in cottages, villas, and/or estates. If this sounds like paradise to you, find your dream vacation home now or contact one of Kiawah Island Real Estate’s trusted advisors today.

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