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I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking bling, you’re thinking celebrities, you’re thinking bad behavior, you’re thinking Michelle Obama, you’re not thinking family-friendly, well think again. Huge yachts in the harbor, a thriving cosmetic surgery industry, and three hundred-plus days of sunshine don’t mean that Marbella is unsuitable for families, quite the opposite, it’s all part of what makes Marbella such an intoxicating experience for grown-ups and children. Four ideas for a family-friendly holiday and a fun video with even more ideas on what to do. Take a look at these, and visit Marbella.

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Marbella’s affluence is one of the very reasons why it’s such a good place for a family holiday. Unemployment is low and consequently, crime is low, expenditure on public works is big so the town always looks immaculate. You can walk through the streets with children at night and feel perfectly safe.

Plenty of Accommodation Options
If you are hoping to enjoy some time out as a couple, there are a number of family friendly hotels in the area that offer both crèche and babysitting services. The Don Carlos Resort is a particular favorite thanks to its complimentary kids’ club.

If you prefer to avoid the crowds and high-end hotels then a rented apartment or villa is a good alternative. Although you won’t benefit from kids clubs and babysitters, you will have the benefit of self-catering, which many families prefer. There are plenty of rentals available right on the edge of the beach and with many of them you’ll be able to enjoy a pool and great views, just like a hotel, except it’s all private and therefore you avoid the fight for a sunbed!

Kids Love Tapas

visit marbella - eating tapas

Spain is a great place to eat out with children. The Spanish place great importance on families eating together, so you’ll find that your children are welcomed in restaurants even if you think it’s past their bedtime. Children are fascinated by the colorful and enticing variety of tapas but if you want something really special then try Paco Jimenez, widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in Marbella. It’s a real treat for all the family and their wide ranging menu is guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

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Funny Beach and beyond
During the day, the beach is obviously the main attraction, there are plenty of kids’ clubs and the chances are that you’ll miss them, long before they miss you. Right in the heart of Marbella is Funny Beach where you’ll find go-karting, parasailing, water scooters, hover boards and a whole bunch of other fun toys.

Visit Marbella - Fun at the beach

Marbella is also a perfect base for excursions around the Costa Del Sol, maybe to one of the water parks or the fairground rides at Tivoli Park. If your kids like animals, show me a kid who doesn’t, the Selwo Aventura Safari Park has over two thousand animals as well as adventure activities in Marbella like zip wire, archery and trampolining.

Day Trip to The Rock
Another popular outing for families based in Marbella is a trip to Gibraltar. It’s only forty-five minutes by road, but remember your passport because although it’s part of the EU, it’s a British colony and that means you’ll also have to change your euros for British or Gibraltar pounds.

Take a cable car ride up the rock and enjoy the views, your kids will love the antics of the barbary macaques but be warned, they are wild animals and they aren’t always well mannered. When everyone is hot and tetchy take them to the caves, some of the best in Europe, where they can cool down and marvel at the rock formations. After that it’s only a short journey back to Marbella where you can do some more relaxing by the pool. What are you waiting for?

Last Updated on August 13, 2023

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