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Why Visit Malta In The Long Term?

Planning a visit to Malta in the long term? Or just want to move to Malta as a retiree. From beaches to churches, find everything here.

A Visit to Malta in the long term is probably one of the best things someone will ever do. Malta is well known as a place for a retiree to go. There are a LOT of retirees living in Malta from all over the world, most of them are Brits, it’s true.

Perhaps, there’s a lot of people that want to move to Malta or just visit Malta for a long period of time. And both are valid, that’s why we are going to discuss everything you need to know about moving to Malta.

visit to Malta

Moving to Malta

There is some stuff to consider before heading to a real estate agents in Malta. I know moving to Malta is a lot different from just visiting Malta in the long term.

Malta is an excellent location for retirees to live in, Malta is an island, more like an archipelago. There’s always sun, beaches, and a chill city. A retiree is looking for relaxation, comfy and security. And Malta is going to offer all that and a bit more.

For example, Malta is the best option for Americans looking to retiree to Europe. The cost of living is way less than in the United State. There is some ex-pat saying that you can easily live in Malta with less than $2000 bucks per month. A 2 rooms apartment can be rented for $500 dollars per month or even less.

Healthcare in Malta is awesome. The public system is funded by taxes. You can find a lot of things covered, like, all types of therapies, surgeries, and hospitalization. Malta has eight health centers across the small island. There’s a huge community of ex-pat in Malta.

Activities for retiree
The Island counts with a bunch, a bunch of things to do for a retiree moving to Malta like tours, beaches, bars, theater, and a lot of other cool stuff. The island itself is relaxed. Malta is full of beaches, ferries and churches, being the St. John’s Co-Cathedral the most popular. The island architecture is easy to navigate for anyone.

Malta Weather
The temperature in Malta is mild all year long. The only cold days you can find are between December and February. The weather is amazing.

Malta is a Mediterranean paradise, you sure will have a nice time, moving or visiting for the long term. An easy life going, low cost of living, and a nice community. All this makes Malta the best option for many people and beach lovers. With an excellent public health system on top of that.

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