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Visit Denmark – How to Fall in Love it in Two Days

After the moment, when the Danes were recognized as the happiest nation, and the untranslated term “Hygge” was added to the Oxford Dictionary as the word of the year, many travelers from all over the world started looking at Denmark from a new side. Meanwhile, the Danes themselves continue to be the happiest, leading a healthy lifestyle and simply and laconically arranging their homes. They still absolutely do not care about what neighbors think about them in all senses of the word. They also might teach you how to treat a Russian girl – people from Denmark know everything about kindness and chivalrous behavior.Six places to visit in Denmark that will make you fall in love with it.Take a look at this article to learn about the visit Denmark.

Visit Denmark


Walk on foot in Copenhagen.
Arriving in Copenhagen, you will spend only 15 minutes by train to get to the Central Station Københavns Hovedbanegård. The capital of Denmark does not differ with large distances, so you can walk the whole city. You should spare no efforts because it is worth them! It is possible to see most of the city’s sights in a day and then relax on a bench in one of the city’s gardens, sipping coffee and eating pølser (hot dog) or wienerbrød (pastry) because Copenhagen, like the rest of Denmark, is a city where you want to enjoy life without being in a hurry.

Visit Denmark Rabstol Net Castle

Visit a marketplace in Copenhagen.
If you are a fan of different markets, you can find the Torvehallerne farm market in the heart of the city, next to the Nørreport subway station. It is open every day. There you can find not only fresh products but also bars, where you can have a snack and have a good lunch. In addition, there you can try the traditional Danish sandwich smørrebrød (the basis is a piece of bread, more often rye with a thin layer of butter and the list of its ingredients tends to infinity.) Also, smørrebrød can be two- or even three-layered!).

Literally, on the next street from the market, you can find the entrance to the beautiful botanical garden Botanisk Have, where you can lie on the grass next to a small water body, sit on a bench among the flowers or visit the charming greenhouse with a spiral staircase, leading to the dome itself.

Visit the harbor in Copenhagen.
Do not deny yourself of getting pleasure and visiting the busiest place in the city – Nyhavn Harbor. Take a seat on the pier and carefully look at the colored houses, yachts, and people. By the way, on both sides of the channel, there are houses where Hans Christian Andersen lived at different times.

In order to feel all the charm of simplicity and comfort, which are invariably hidden in the interiors, clothes and lifestyle of the Danes, it is worth taking the train and going to the main peninsula of Denmark – Jutland.

Visit a museum of the modern art in Aarhus.
The second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus, is a peaceful campus city. They say that a few years ago, it was considered the best for life in Europe but then Vienna took this title.

If you are a fan of modern art, then you should definitely visit the ARoS museum. This place has two calling cards: the silicone boy-giant Ron Muek and the rainbow panoramic circle on the roof of the museum.

Visit Denmark Canale Nyhavn

Eat waffles in Ribe.
In coming to the North Sea, it is worth to visit the oldest city in Denmark – Ribe. With a population of only 8,000 thousand people and having a single central street, it has a certain charm inherent only in cities with a history. Even at the very beginning of the street, you will feel the wonderful smell of fresh waffles. Do not even hope that you can pass by. These waffles are the personification of Denmark itself, they are simple in appearance but you just have to try them.

Feel hygge on the coast of the North Sea.
Finally, after reaching the coast of the North Sea, you should walk barefoot on a white desert beach, and then simply feel the hygge in a small wooden house, enjoying the sunset in the company of your beloved one with a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

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