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Visa Bulletin Latest Update and How To Travel For The First Time Abroad

Priority dates in the July Bulletin of Visas should change dramatically, both positively and negatively. Good news is that the “Worldwide Family 2A” category for spouses and minor and single children of green card holders will become current in July, thus eliminating the two-year queue. Green card holders should sponsor their spouses and children as soon as possible. If they are already sponsored, they should apply to their green card as soon as they can. Green card holders who are engaged or thinking about marriage, now is the ideal time.How to travel for the first time abroad and info from a recent visa bulletin. Here,you will learn about Travel For The First Time Abroad.

Other family-based visa categories will also advance on the priority date: the “Family 1st Preference” category will advance by three weeks. All family-based categories will have an advance of between two and a half and three and a half months. But the “F2A” category is not the only one that will become current in Visa Bulletin.

The third category based on Filipino employment, which has not been current for many years, will finally be updated in the July issue of the newsletter. That goes for teachers, engineers, doctors, nurses, health workers, accountants, etc., who are sponsored by an American employer. For those in the U.S. with a temporary work visa, if your employer has filed an I-140 visa application on your behalf, you should begin preparations to file your I-485 application for status adjustment in July. For those outside the U.S., it is important to make sure that your employer has filed the visa application using premium processing. Once these applications are approved, send the documentation directly to the National Visa Center as soon as possible to try to get the green card interview soon. Unfortunately, the family category for Filipino applicants may have a wait of years, but this July, most of these family categories will advance between two and seven months.

Applicants from China, although still facing a long queue, will advance in the EB categories as follows: EB-1 in 10 weeks, EB-2 in 12 weeks and EB-3 for professionals in three and a half months. But those who fit the EB-5 cases should look for alternatives, as these are stopped and should remain so for the time being.

 As for the not-so-good news, the “1st Preference Worldwide Employment Based” category, also known as “Einstein Visas,” will remain on hold on April 22, 2018. Similarly, all EB categories for Indian visas will also remain parked, with the exception of EB-2, which will only advance five days. Also in July, India will join China and Vietnam as one of the countries with a waiting list for EB-5 Investor visas.

In short, July is the perfect time for all green card holders to sponsor their spouses and children in order to obtain permanent legal residency. Waiting longer can have unwanted consequences. This also applies to Filipinos who qualify in the EB-3 category.

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Travel For The First Time Abroad


Never left your coyntry? The time has come to venture into a new destination. We’re visa experts, but we’ve brought tips on what you should keep an eye on when you first travel abroad. Check it out and you already know: visa is for Top Visas.

First step: the passport

The fundamental document to leave the country: the passport. It is he who will identify you abroad, in the same way that the identity card works in your country I believe. Have it in hand before you buy the ticket.

If you still don’t have your passport, it is important to have an organization and reserve a few more days, because it may take a while to get ready.

The passport is made by the Federal Police, and the first step to apply is through the Internet. Access the website of the Federal Police and fill out the application form. You will schedule a date to go to the headquarters of the Federal Police to take your photo, collect fingerprints and do the final procedure of the application. Then, you must wait until it is ready.

If you already have your passport in hand, check its expiration date – and renew it following the steps above if it is close to expiration.

I took my passport. Do I need a visa?

The passport alone is not enough to enter some countries. At Top Visas we are specialists in advising you on how to obtain a visa and travel peacefully.

Some countries with visa requirements are the United States, China, Australia and even Egypt. Click here and check if your destination has this requirement. Then get in touch with the people we made it easy for you to get the visa.

Attention to vaccinations

Once you have your passport and visa in hand, you still have one more step: the requirement for vaccinations. Some countries only let tourists in if they are vaccinated – usually against Yellow Fever. If your destination has this requirement, you will need to provide the International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis (CIVP).

By applying for your visa with Top Visas, we can help you with this.

Carry-on baggage? Find out what you can’t miss. And how does it work in immigration?

Immigration is when you arrive at your destination. You should be prepared to answer some questions, which can vary between different subjects. Generally, they are related to your trip (what is the purpose, how long you will stay, where you will stay) or to your life in your country (if you have family, job), which can give you a certainty that you will return.

In some cases, the amount of money you take in cash can be a decisive factor. The cash shows that you will be able to afford the trip and what you will consume within the country.

Remember to have the documents at hand when you arrive in the country and to answer the questions honestly.

After that, your passport will be stamped and you will be ready to continue your journey!

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