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Homeplate Seats at a National Baseball Game – Is it worth the extra cost?



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Today’s episode is going to a baseball game with a VIP twist. Are you ready to make every day an adventure? So here’s the thing. Me and my family, we are not big lovers of watching team sports, any kind of team sports.

Football, soccer, rugby, baseball. Simply because my family, my sons and my husband are hardcore rock climbers, that’s their thing. And we just enjoy those extreme sports a lot more. I don’t know what it is. Regardless, that is more of what we enjoy.

However, going to these kinds of other sports activities or events are fun, but I do like to be a little bit of a snob when it comes to that. I do like to be really close and even have a VIP experience with it. So that’s exactly how we ended up getting to a national baseball game in Washington, DC. One of my friends had extra tickets to literally be at the home plate of the game and to be able to get into their special dining area where only people with these types of tickets are allowed to go in. So me and my son and baseball.

I’ll also be honest with you, I find it to be probably one of the most boring games other than golf, because it’s a lot of sitting around. But when you’re sitting up front in the baseball game right at home plate where you can literally touch the players, you can see the national anthem singers right there. It just gives us that much more of a joyful experience. And I actually went to look at the prices for the tickets and the price is not that much higher if you’re going to be sitting in nosebleed versus going to have a home plate experience. So sometimes giving yourself that extra really makes the game that experience so much more.

So I really recommend enjoying yourself a little bit more. Having that VIP experience, enjoying the baseball food, the hot dogs, all of that right there for you. So if you guys can’t think of any cool ways to give yourself that little adventurous spirit and make every day a true adventure, go to travel experience on my side and I have a list for you of really cool adventures right there in your own hometown., travel expert with an a dot com. Go check it out.

And if you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review. I’d really appreciate it and share it with a friend or a loved one to give them that inspiration to make everyday adventures.

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