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Discover Hidden Vineyards of Portugal

Wine has been produced in Portugal for centuries, ever since the Romans colonized the territory. It is one of the most important industries for the local economy. Because of the variety in terrain, temperatures and grapes available the country produces a large array of wines.Vineyards of Portugal – In this blog post you will find a list of five vineyards of Portugal that every traveler should visit.

This makes Portugal a fabulous place for a road trip exploring vineyards. But when it comes to wines, not a lot of travelers think of this country as their first choice, especially in Europe. However, they do have some hidden gems where you get to taste award winning wines and to learn about how they are done.

Vineyards of Portugal
Photo by: Jameson Fink

5 Vineyards of Portugal that you might not have heard of:

1. Quinta do Portal – This is a boutique winery. It is not the typical, old school winery instead it is pretty modern and innovative. It is located right next to the banks of river Pinhão. Here you get the chance to taste and learn about Douro, Port and Muscatel wines. they offer daily group and private tours.

2. Quinta do Vallado – It is a winery located on an elegant 18th century estate. At this winery you can enjoy tours of the vineyards, visit the winery, do some wine tasting and take a cruise on a boat along the Corgo River. They even have what they call a “Wine Hotel” where you get to stay in a refurbished manor from the early 1700s.

3. Quinta de Nápoles – The winery is located on the banks of Tedo River. This is a family run business and has been for the last five generations. It is a winery that uses the latest technology and produces award winning wines by mixing modern and traditional processes. When you come here the owner himself will take care of you during your visit.

4. Quinta do Seixo – The views from this place are stunning. They offer tours of the winery, the wine cellar and robotic lagars (automatic wine presses). Visitors also get a multimedia presentation that explains the wine production process and a Porto tasting in a room with panoramic views of Douro.

5. Quinta do Noval – This is one of the oldest port houses in the region. But even with the amount of years that wine has been produced here, the owners have made an effort to remain as an innovative and independent producers.

These are all within driving distances and each provides hours and hours of fun.

* This post was done in partnership with Enterprise Rent-a-Car but all opinions are my own.

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