Villa Costa Vida, Manuel Antonio: Luxury Outdoor Vacation Rental


villa costa vida manuel antonio costa rica

When I came to Manuel Antonio to stay here, I was invited to stay in Villa Costa Vida. Today we’re going to be talking about Villa Costa Vida in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

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Villa Costa Vida, Manuel Antonio

It is one of these absolutely incredible villas, the kind that you see on those rich and famous types of shows with four floors, nine bedrooms, incredible dining rooms, play areas, and game rooms.

The cool thing is, right now they are adding on another part of the villa where you could have hotel stays. You don’t need to rent out the entire villa, so that could be another really excellent option.

lounge area villa costa vida manuel antonio


This is a fantastic, beautiful luxury villa that, first of all, has unbelievable service, some of the best service you could possibly have, which has a full concierge, tours, chefs, you name it.


And it has the obvious million-dollar view that overlooks the entire Manuel Antonio Bay. It’s an excellent place for family reunions, parties with your friends, large families, and corporate.

balcony view villa costa vida manuel antonio


And it’s really close, you can pretty much walk to a lot of the places, especially the restaurants and sodas, and stores, less than a kilometer away from a lot of the places. So that gives it that much extra awesomeness to it. So I definitely recommend looking into Costa Vida in Manuel Antonio.

luxury villa costa vida manuel antonio costa rica

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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