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Villa Bohek Review: Luxury Villa and Restaurant in Guatemala


Villa Bohek Review: Luxury Villa and Restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala

entrance to villa bohek in antigua guatemala

Villa Bohek is a brand new luxury Villa hotel restaurant experience in Antigua, Guatemala. You need to definitely make a reservation to go there. You could stay there in one of their suites, which is definitely on the pricier side. However, you will get your money’s worth. But if you just want to go to the restaurant and walk on the grounds, you do need to make a reservation beforehand. Today we’re going to be talking about Villa Bohek  in Antigua, Guatemala.

How to get there?

It does get a little crowded on weekends, but on weekdays it’s fantastic. So why is it a surprise? First, it’s not located directly in Antigua. It is located in Panorama, which is about a five-minute drive from Antigua Center. When you arrive at the road where it’s at, you’re looking for it there’s no actual sign, and there’s just this one beautiful classical colonial style door and a mini driveway. But it doesn’t say anything. It’s literally between a nursery, which they’re called viveros, and a little tienda, like a little tiny store. So that doesn’t look like there’s anything there. And it’s off the main road.

You could definitely take a tuk-tuk there or a taxi, and I’m sure that they could arrange for you to get a car service if you are staying somewhere outside of their Villa.

a pond surrounded by flowers and trees in villa bohek guatemala

Villa Bohek Guatemala

Once you enter, that’s when the surprise begins. You enter this enormous parking area, first of all, and you’re immediately told that you’re going to be entering here, but exiting on an entirely different side. 


The Villa literally looks like a beautiful Villa from somewhere in Europe. It is humongous.

It used to be a private home that has been renovated into this super, upper-scale hotel Villa-like place. But the grounds, that’s where it is just incredible, with lagoons and Lily ponds and bridges. I mean, you literally feel like you are entering this magical European setting. And what makes it even more insane is that when you enter, you cannot even believe the number of grounds hidden behind the small driveway entrance. We’re talking several acres of perfectly manicured, beautiful, serene, private grounds.

a lagoon and a woman standing on a bridge at villa bohek

You can walk around. It’s gorgeous. They even have a pool. You need to find out how you can enter that pool, and then you can enjoy the restaurant. So we went just to the restaurant.

woman sitting in a bench under a tree at villa bohek in antigua guatemala

Suite Price

Since I live in Antigua, I don’t really think I need to stay in a $300 or $400 per night suite. We went for the restaurant experience, and we went during the weekday. It was absolutely perfect because there was nobody else there other than us. So we had the whole place to ourselves.


The restaurant is actually very well priced. I wouldn’t say that it’s super expensive. They do have a fantastic wine list and a cocktail and beer list. So if you’re into that they do know their wines and the food they have a decent size food menu that you could choose from, and they have anything from vegetarian to meat and seafood. But again it’s going for the experience. 

We made a reservation for 5:30. And we didn’t even end up sitting at our table until 6:30. There’s no rush. It looks to me that they know when you arrive that you are going to be arriving for the night, and we ended up staying for another 3 hours just talking, drinking, and eating slowly. 

So if you are going to do this just for a meal to go for their dining experience, give yourself several hours because of the beauty of the place and be able to just enjoy yourself there because it is truly magical and a surprise.

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