3 Vegan Restaurants in Xela (Quetzaltenango), Guatemala You Need to Try


Xela or Quezaltenango is a big city in Guatemala, but zone one, the main area that most likely you’ll be staying in, is pretty small. Everything is walking, and the majority of the restaurants are located in this area close to the Parque Central area, the Cathedral. Today we’re going to be talking about restaurants in Xela.

Make sure to go and listen to the full podcast about Xela, getting around Xela, what to do in Xela, and stuff like that.

Xela is located in the western highlands of Guatemala, its main area is zone one, and overall is such a small town, and all the restaurants are tiny, so it’s really hard to find a really great one, although we did find an excellent one. If you want to experience the local Guatemalan food and drinks, you must head to comedores, but they aren’t really vegan friendly.

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family eating at esquina asiatica xela guatemala
My family eating at Esquina Asiatica in Xela, Guatemala

Best Vegan Restaurants in Xela

La Esquina Asiatica

So the coolest part about this restaurant is the location. It’s located upstairs on the second floor, but you get to it, and it’s kind of a little bit almost clandestine, and you have to ring this little bell that they let you in to the upstairs, and then they close the door behind you. Most likely for safety measures, but I’m not sure. It might just be part of the theme of it.

The restaurant upstairs is truly adorable, like the way it is decorated. It’s just a really cute restaurant.


The food itself, says that they can do everything vegan, vegetarian, and probably closer to vegetarian, which isn’t actually true. The majority of the food can certainly be made vegetarian because they’re adding in the tofu, although they don’t take out oyster sauces and stuff like that. The portions are quite large.

But overall, the food is not outstanding, but it’s a cute experience.

esquina asiatica restaurant xela guatemala

The Experience

The decor of the place is probably more interesting and the atmosphere than anything else. Other than that, it’s okay. It’s satisfying to get your tofu. They do have chicken stuff.

They have basic Asian foods. It’s an Asian mix because they have from Thailand, from China.

Floresta Xela Park

Floresta is a little bit outside the main area of Xela, it’s an adorable outdoor park-like area but mainly consists of restaurants that are all outdoors. It actually has a lot of different restaurants, probably around ten to twelve different options. It’s kind of like a big food court but outdoors with picnic tables, and sometimes they’ll have live music.

Xela Floresta Park is open from 7:00 am until 10:00 p.m.

floresta xela park guateala

The Restaurants

They have bars, they have upper-skill restaurant styles, they have food trucks, they have all these different mainly the majorities of the food I would say is definitely geared to like steak houses. They do have an Asian restaurant. Donuts they have like Italian food, just regular food.

So it’s made for you to have a choice of many different foods. It’s great, you can sit there all day.

eating ramen floresta xela park

The Food

The thing is though, to be really realistic, the food is incredibly mediocre. It is just super unimpressive when it comes to the actual food. I don’t expect anything over the top or anything really great. Even though they can make it so great, I don’t know why they choose to make it so unremarkable. But the enjoyment of the place being there, it’s fun. And that I guess could kind of make up for the very lackluster style of food overall.

We’re talking about many different restaurants, and we tried many different places, and they all pretty come out flat to even to almost go in all the way and saying wow, this is just terrible. But if you’re going for the experience even to go for, they do have good coffee. They could go for a really good cup of coffee or just a drink.

vegan food floresta xela park guatemala

Other Amenities

They also have a pretty hipster-like barber shop with a bar in it. They have a pretty large parking lot that you can park right across the street.

It is like $1.25 for the entire time you are there. Also, it is pet friendly. You can bring your doggies, so that’s another cool thing to do.

Mandarina Cafe

I have to say, Mandarina is probably one of the yummiest restaurants, definitely in Xela. By far, the yummiest, absolutely delicious, fun restaurants in Xela. It’s outdoors, it’s got a really lovely feel. The owner is a massive dog lover, so there are lots of doggies there. It is very pet friendly.

It’s also a great place for digital nomads, the internet is strong, but it is a top face style.

mandarin cafe vegan food xela guatemala

The Food

The food is delicious. It is predominantly vegetarian with vegan. They do have some chicken and a little bit of bacon, but anyway, the food is probably 90% vegetarian, and you could even make it vegan. It is really tasty.

They have great coffee, but they’re only open for breakfast and lunch.

The portions are huge and really well-priced. So we went at 230 and the lunch, late lunch was well enough to keep us from eating through the night. So that’s how yummy was. That’s how big it was.

vegan burger mandarina cafe xela guatemala

Open Hours

They close at 04:00 p.m. It is not a place where you would get dinner as other restaurants do. If you are going to go there, make sure that you go before 04:00 p.m.

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