Basic Amenities That Should Be Included in Every Vacation Rental

There’s one thing that every vacation rental needs: basic amenities. “Basic amenities” can be defined differently by everyone. For instance, to list your property on Airbnb, the basic amenities you need are listed as “a comfortable sleeping space and access to a restroom.”

Other sites list electric/gas utilities, air conditioning, and even parking as basic amenities. Depending on where the property is listed, different basic amenities are necessary. Here are vacation rental amenities you need to know.

Keep in mind that Airbnb allows hosts to offer anything from entire homes to “unique spaces” to guests, so depending on where you list your property, “basic amenities” can mean something different.

Basic Amenities
There’s one thing that every vacation rental needs: basic amenities.

Vacation Rental Amenities

A Place to Sleep

As mentioned above, Airbnb states that one of the basic amenities you’ll need is a comfortable sleeping area. This makes sense since the guests renting your space are likely going to spend at least one night there.

As the owner of a vacation rental, you’re likely to have at least one bedroom on your property. This covers one basic amenity, but the sleeping area (as well as the entire property) should be comfortable and clean. Compare your sleeping space to that of a hotel: many people refuse to sleep in certain hotels if the room is not clean or if the beds are not comfortable.

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A Restroom/Bathroom

This can be called different things in different parts of the world, but essentially, it needs to consist of a toilet and a place for guests to wash up. Again, Airbnb states that guests must be able to access a restroom, implying that the restroom does not have to be included on the inside of the property. This specification may vary depending on which site you decide to list your vacation rental.

A restroom located within the rental property may not be of the main things to look for in a vacation rental, but you are required to say if the restroom is not located on the property.

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Other Amenities

These amenities may not be considered to be basic amenities to some people, but they are something you should consider when buying a vacation rental property. These other amenities are listed from most significant to least significant.

Depending on where your vacation rental is located, air conditioning and/or heating could be considered a basic amenity.
Depending on where your vacation rental is located, air conditioning and/or heating could be considered a basic amenity.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Depending on where your vacation rental is located, air conditioning and/or heating could be considered a basic amenity. If your rental property is on a beach, it’s likely to get humid inside of the house, and your guests will expect air conditioning.

On the contrary, if your vacation rental is a cabin in the mountains, then your guests will expect to have heat— especially in the wintertime.

For this reason, it can be prudent for you to ensure installation, replacement, or repair of a new or existing HVAC system in the property to guarantee your guest’s comfort and safety. If, on inspection, you find that your system does require maintenance or replacement, it can be worth seeking out air conditioning quotes melbourne (or wherever else more relevant) to see how much this will cost you, though it is likely an investment in fixing your system will pay you back in the future in the form of happy guests.

Full Kitchen

While this isn’t required for most vacation rentals, a full kitchen (or at least a kitchenette) can be considered a must-have for some guests. A full kitchen includes appliances such as a stove/oven, a refrigerator, a microwave, and maybe even a coffee maker.

While many guests won’t mind not having a kitchen, because they’re more likely to dine out while on vacation, other guests may want the option to dine in.

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Wi-Fi and Electronic Devices

Again, not necessarily a necessity, but having these available can greatly increase your booking rates. Because we live in a digital world, people are accustomed to having access to the Internet. The same goes for electronic devices, such as television.

Swimming Pool/Jacuzzi

This is definitely not a necessity, but many people do search for rental properties that include some type of water feature. Again, think about hotels. Guests like the fact that hotels have pools available for guests. Of course, if you don’t have a pool as a part of your rental property, this doesn’t mean that this will decrease your booking rates. 

The bottom line is that you want your vacation rental to be clean and as comfortable as possible for your guests. You will also want to make sure that whatever amenities you do have to offer are also clean (such as a swimming pool) and in proper working condition.

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Last Updated on June 12, 2024

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