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Top Places to Visit during Your Vacation in Turkey

What are the most important things when planning a vacation in Turkey? This first thing is where to find cheap business class tickets, and the second is what places are worth visiting. Turkey is a wonderful country with rich history. In addition, Turkey is located between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea that makes it a perfect place to spend your vacation away from the noisy cities.Six of the best things to do when you travel to Turkey.Check out this article to learn about vacation in Turkey during Europe travel.

Vacation in Turkey - Flag


The scope of attraction in this exotic country includes beaches, cultural and historical sites, architectural monuments, cruise destinations and many other special locations that will be appreciated by any tourist. So, look at these prominent destinations and make your choice.

Butterfly Valley
A splendid place to visit is the charming Butterfly Valley. This destination is created to bring pleasure and delight to its visitors and provide the unforgettable happiness of staying in Turkey. The place is located on the Mediterranean coast not far from small village Ölüdeniz.

Vacation in Turkey - Beach View

Cappadocia was created as a result of volcanic eruption. This place is famous for its cave houses and air balloons. It is quite romantic destination, so visit it with your soulmate. Cappadocia lies in the central part of Turkey far from both seas.

Mount Nemrut
This mountain peak is located in the southeastern part of Turkey. The place is must-to-visit for those who are fond of history and historical monuments. Mount Nemrut is famous for its several huge statues. The tourists are deeply impressed with stone sculptures of two eagles and two lions, Persian and Greek gods, as well as King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene.

The fans of beaches and sea relaxation should definitely visit the longest beach in Turkey. Its name is Patara and it is located in southeastern Turkey on the shore of Mediterranean Sea. The length of the beach is 18 km. However, Patara is known not only for the longest beach. This ancient city offers many other sights for the most demanding tourists. It is highly adviser to stroll around the ruins of former flourishing commercial and maritime city.

Vacation in Turkey - Pool

Hagia Sofia
Most flights to Turkey are performed with the transfer in Istanbul. If you are lucky to spend several hours in this magnificent and ancient city, opt for visiting Hagia Sofia. This place was a Greek Orthodox Christian, which then served as imperial mosque. Nowadays, this fascinating erection is a museum. The history of Hagia Sofia began in 537 AD and this place has gone through several millennia. Do not miss this sight.

Metropolis of Ephesus
Another place that was created before Christ is the ancient city of Ephesus. The remains of the city are located in small town Selcuk not far from Izmir. The ancient city is almost completely destroyed, however, the Library of Celsus and the Great Theater are still on their places attracting numerous tourists and historians.

Luckily, this list of Turkey attractions is a drop in the ocean. Since this country can boast of avital history, tourists will always find something interesting almost in any part of Turkey. Besides, you will be impressed with hospitality and kindliness of local citizens.

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