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3 Reasons Why You Should Vacation in Tampa, Florida

For year-long fun in the sun, Tampa, Florida is a hot vacation spot. Although it’s often eclipsed by other Florida destinations like Miami or Orlando, Tampa has a lot to offer. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, there’s no shortage of beaches or water activities. From kayaking to playing around on a PGA golf course, a visit to Tampa is non-stop fun. Take a look to learn about three Reasons Why You Should spend some time here when your Vacation in Tampa Florida.Three Reasons Why You Should spend some time in Tampa when you Vacation in Tampa Florida.Take a look to learn about this.

3 Reasons to Vacation in Tampa Florida

You Can Have a Pirate Adventure

If your idea of a tropical getaway includes exploring the sea and a bottle of rum, then it’s a pirates life for you. Fortunately, there’s no better place to be a pirate than Tampa, FL. Every January, Tampa plays host to the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. If you aren’t able to plan your trip around the festival dates, don’t worry, matey, there are several year-round pirate cruises available like the original Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise and The Pirate Ship Royal Conquest Cruise.

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Vacation in Tampa Florida
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After your high seas adventure, you can spend the evening at the Tahitian Inn, a unique boutique hotel. Designed to make you feel as though you’ve sailed to the shores of Tahiti, this hotel and spa promises to soothe the stress of your journey and make your sea legs feel like real legs again.

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You Can Go on Safari

Planning an African safari can be dangerous and expensive, but there’s no need to leave the country when you can just go to Tampa. Home to a huge aquarium and several zoos, there’s no shortage of animals to visit. One of the most popular attractions for animal lovers in Tampa is Busch Gardens. With its African Safari theme and many educational animal shows and workshops, you’ll feel like you’re in the Savannah.

Vacation in Tampa Florida
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Once you’re done with the animal tours, Busch Gardens also has a full theme park filled with roller coasters and attractions. After a long day in the bush, you could spend the evening at The Floridian Hotel, where you never have to hunt to find old-world luxury. Built-in the 1920s and carefully renovated, this hotel makes you feel as though you’ve taken a trip back in time. Walking into the ornate lobby you’ll feel like a British explorer of old just back from a safari.

You Can Play in the Sand

A trip to Tampa wouldn’t be complete without spending some time playing in the sand. When the winter blues get you down, and you get tired of constantly shoveling the snow from your sidewalks, a visit to the Sand pearl Resort at Clearwater Beach is sure to bring you back to life.

Vacation in Tampa Florida
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Here you can enjoy a full spa and zero-entry lagoon pool and there’s even a special camp for children under 12, so that the adults can relax while the kids have a blast. At Clearwater beach, you can go snorkeling, explore the warm gulf waters, go parasailing, take a dolphin tour, and more.

With summer lasting all year long, Tampa, FL is the best place to take a break from the cold and come back with a tan. Plus, with all the exciting things to see and do, it’s a place you’ll want to visit time and time again. Plan your visit using this list of cheap hotels in Tampa to enjoy great room deals.

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