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V2 Hexbug Nanos: A Miniature Robotic Bug Toy

We’ve all seen the commercials for the tiny robotic bugs. They come in quite a few different species and do impressive tricks on TV. They are super cute, but we’re just not quite sure what to do with them. However, every time the commercials came on my sons would jump out of their seats and want to play with them. After going back and forth with should I or should I not buy it, Hexbug came out with a really cool game. And I was immediately sold.

Hexbug robotics

V2 Hexbug Nanos

The company Hexbug creates Micro Robotic creatures. The idea behind them is to allow young kids to interact with robotics. Their V2 Hexbug Nanos can climb up vertically, through loops and tubes, corners and on top of any of the sets. One of those sets is the Nano V2 Watch Tower it allows kids to customize the layout. This gives kids countless options.

Hexbug Nano - design your own track

MY take on V2 Hexbug Nanos

We have tons of car race tracks that you can design any way you want and watch the cars go. I was kind of expecting to see the same thing with this game.

Was I in for a surprise.

First of all, the bug is so cute and vibrates in your hand, that you feel that it’s more of a pet rather than a toy.

Secondly, after we built the first track and saw the bug run through the pipes, we got such a huge kick out of it that they boys ended up spending HOURS playing with it for days and days. My boys barely play with toys that long.

Hexbug climber

Thirdly, there was no limit to what they can build. And we ended up seeing really cool tracks all of which the bug was able to travel through.

And last but not least, who says it is for kids. We all got a kick out of it from my three year old to my dad who just turned 70.

Hexbug Review - Fun for all ages

This is without a doubt one of our absolute favorite games – EVER. It’s fun and also educational.

Video Time – See For Your Self

Contact and Information for Hexbug

My recommendation – go directly to their website. Here you will find all the coolest toys they have and all the newest products that have just come out.

Plus, they have a lot of sales and bonuses that you can’t find any where else.

And if you follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page you can get some juicy info before others do.

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