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UV Swimwear for Kids – One Step Ahead Review

Kids have this funny tendency, when they go swimming, to stay in a pool all day long. This makes it an impossible task to put sunscreen on them more than the initial chance. Yet the sun doesn’t get any milder. So what to do? I decided the best solution was to get  UV swimwear for kids.

But my three year old isn’t as easy to please as most toddlers his age. I had to do some serious searching for him to want the design. One Step Ahead has quite a selection to choose from. Granted, I showed him the sun protective swimwear shirt online and by the time it arrived he had long forgotten we even bothered to do it. So I held my breath when it was time to put it on him.

It was a hit from the start. Along with not wanting to get out of the pool all day, he didn’t want to part with his shirt either. 

UV swimwear for kids

Fun Info on UV Swimwear for Kids

Aside from the adorable shark design here’s what the shirt really is great for:

 Sun Protective Swimwear

Sun Protection – the shirt is UPF 50+ perfect for UV protection

Design – it’s longer than the usual shirt for his age, it’s made that way for better coverage

Ease of Use – you throw it on him and he doesn’t even know that he’s being protected. And to have it washed, is a quick throw in the laundry machine and it’s as good as new.

Where to Buy it

I found the buying process very easy via their website. Plus, whenever you go on it, you will almost always find a discount or special sale. So make sure to keep up with what they are doing.

UV Swimwear for Kids – One Step Ahead Review


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