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Using Kettle Bells and Resistance Bands: Which Is Better

These days, there is so much variety to be had in fitness equipment that it’s sometimes hard to know which items are more helpful for your workouts. The first thing to understand when it comes to both kettle bells and resistance bands is that they are both pieces of fitness equipment geared towards one purpose: resistance training.Benefits of using Kettle Bells and Resistance Bands learn about the benefits of each to decide which one is best for you.

Today, we will be discussing kettle bells and resistance bands; we will go over some basic information about both and compare them in the hopes of helping you to understand which option might be a better choice for your own individual fitness needs.  

Using Kettle Bells and Resistance Bands 

Also known as strength training, this type of training has the overall goal of building up the strength and size of your muscles while also increasing your anaerobic endurance.  

That being said, there are some notable differences between kettle bells and resistance bands, particularly when it comes to qualities such as durability, cost, and effectiveness.  


This particular quality is largely subjective and depends quite a lot on your own workout style; some people find kettle bells to be more effective for their fitness goals while other get more out of resistance bands.  

That being said, exercising kettle bells has been shown in many cases to also help with cardiovascular health by working not just your arms but also your core (and even your legs) which in turn leads to an increased heart rate and the strengthening of all those areas of your body. 

Resistance bands, in comparison, are good for working your arms and legs but unlike kettle bells will only work those areas specifically; you won’t be able to impact and improve other muscle groups like you can with kettle bells.  


There’s no denying the fact that very few of us are made of money, and as such most of us need to budget carefully when it comes to spending money on fitness equipment.  

This makes resistance bands the preferable choice when it comes to saving money on exercise equipment; they are almost always significantly cheaper than kettle bells (both in terms of the base price and the shipping costs), making them the more cost-effective of the two choices.  

That being said, kettle  often have a notably longer lifespan compared to resistance bands (which we will discuss a bit more in the upcoming durability section of this article), meaning that kettle bells, while more expensive, might be a worthwhile long-term investment for someone willing to pay the higher price.  


When it comes to the quality of durability, kettle bells are by far and away the better choice; while resistance bands are hardly fragile, they can and do snap and tear are extended periods of use (or improper handling).  

In comparison, kettle  never wear out or become too old to use, meaning that they are a good equipment choice if you want something you will be able to use effectively for many years to come.   

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