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Why Should You Use Video Presentation Over Powerpoint In Your Next Meeting?

Presentations are informative mediums to exchange facts and analyses to a broad audience. They are used in various corporations and industries. Traditionally, the PowerPoint presentation has been a natural choice. Indeed, it is easy to use and has certain exclusive features. However, in the present times of digitization, one can say that videos can become a potent successor for the presentation medium. Videos can incorporate a lot more creativity, can be easier to make with the right devices, and create a much more substantial impact on your audience.Why you should always Use Video Presentation instead of a simple PowerPoint presentation for your next meeting.

Use Video Presentation

Video-making is also more accessible than ever before, with the help of smartphones and various video-making apps. The quality is also better in these video makers compared to slideshow makers. One has to input more details and hard-work in a slide. That’s where videos also become a more comfortable medium for the presenter to communicate to the audience.

  • Moving Images over standing images

The visual of movement on a screen creates excitement in the viewer, who generally tends to look forward to what is going to happen next. Videos often have a better flow of communication and can deliver more information in less time. A PowerPoint Slide, on the other hand, contains limited information and always requires a presenter to explain everything in great detail. Every image and diagram must be illustrated through words in the slide while in a video, the communication becomes enhanced and fluid.

  • The Audio-Video effect

Videos not only come with moving images but also sound and music. While there are features in PowerPoint slides to add sound effects and music, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort. In contrast, the video often contains its sounds. Otherwise, video-editing apps come with easy methods to add music. This audio-video effect naturally evokes more reaction from your audience, making the presentation more appealing and informative.

  • More content in videos

Most videos can successfully tell a story as opposed to a collection of images in a PowerPoint Slideshow. Because of the videos’ fluid nature, they end up compiling more information than your traditional slideshows. A video consists of various elements in a single frame, and along with the audio, they communicate more accurately about the topic in focus. Moreover, with different types of editing, they also present your creativity and unique perspective. You can add a lot more aesthetics to your video, along with more elegance and drama.

  • Interactive and engaging

The cumulative effect of words and images create various impulses in your audience. Videos provoke reaction, and therefore, better communication prevails through the video. As the video narrates a story, it is more engaging and connects with the viewers’ emotions, compelling them to think more. It breaks the monotonous nature of a gathering and gives a vibrant feel to the meeting where the audience feels they need to listen. Videos not only present your information with clarity but also can change the viewer’s perspective. With this level of personalization, a video leaves a stronger impact and creates a better response to your presentation.

The advent of video technology is reaching more users and, thereby, is becoming a popular medium of information exchange. They are used to present fictional narratives as well as non-fictional pieces. Amongst informative pieces, they are an excellent medium for journalistic presentations and opinionated pieces. In the corporate world also, a video has a better chance of communicating a flowchart than a slideshow. The video can present more significant details of a particular flowchart or diagram, testifying in length about each of its components precisely in a limited time frame.

One must note that as much compelling as a video can be, it also takes specific skills to make the perfect video with the right tone and drama. The layout of a corporate video plays a significant role as it makes it more serious and fact-oriented. The background score should also match the overall tone of the video. The music should be thoughtfully chosen to create the right kind of response in your audience. Similarly, the editing is as crucial to depict the right atmosphere. Tacky scene shifts in a video can look very confusing to the audience. The pace of the video should also be controlled accordingly. It should not be too fast or too slow since, in both cases, your intended information can be skipped by the viewers.

There are also various online video makers which input your data, images, and clips to transform them into a polished full-length video. These video makers can be set-up to produce a specific type of editing, music, and time-frames to create the perfect presentation for you. Moreover, they can also add color patterns and info graphics to communicate more in the video. With these multiple features, you can easily make a video that can speak loud and clear on your subject. The present technology is a great boon for your creativity, and it’s a favorable time to create the best opportunities for your success.

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